No more sweating! 4 hairstyles that will cool you down instantly!

Even during the Hongkongese autumn, one will always be surprised by the heat in the city. Here are a couple of tips to help you go through it and keep cool!

What can you do to prevent heat stroke and become cooler instantly? Let’s look into it!

#1 Short hair

Is there any way that is better than cutting hair to the short length? Short hair keeps you cooler instantly! Who says girls must have long hair? Girls, just try a new hairstyle by cutting it short for this summer! Having short hair doesn’t mean to look like a boy, it could still remain the charm of sexiness or cuteness and adorableness.

If you wish to have a better look, try to dye your hair. Dying your hair brown might look great on you! And it is suggested to heat-style your hair to add some texture. So to be a short-hair-goddess is just as simple as that.

#2 Bun

There are moments when boys find girls cute or attractive, that’s when girls pull their hair back into a messy bun! Creating a clean bun is perfect for any occasion, and is very effortless.

Normally, making a top-knot bun looks younger and cuter. Therefore, it gives an entirely different feeling for different positions of the knot. You could definitely try different buns like sock bun, braided bun and braided fishtail bun as well.

#3 Ponytail

Ponytail is the fastest way that you can make for hairstyle and cool yourself down. Same as a bun, securing at a different position of the ponytail can affect the entire feeling of the look. If you opt for a high pony, it keeps you sweet and energetic. If you opt for a low pony, it creates a casual effect. What’s more than that is, the ponytail with long and curly hair make you look more fabulous.

You could replace elastic with a ribbon. Even going to an important event, a long and sleek scraped-back ponytail always creates a simple, chic and elegant look.

#4 Hair braids

There are so many types of hair braids but glamorous hair braids are not necessary to be complicated. You could rock a formal look simply by side braids. Wear your hair totally undone and add some texture to it, so that it looks fuzzy.

You could pull off a youthful and girly look by two-sided braids.

This "nice-clean braid" fastened at the center of the head enhances the feeling of elegance. Besides, there are too many ways to make hair braids, we just could not resist the allure of braids!

These are the simplest ways to prevent heat stroke. After reading this article, would you love to change your hairstyle? Book a hair care treatment and adopt a new style by clicking here

Image Source: Vogue