Meet The Inspiring Team Of The Strand - A Top Beauty Salon in HK

Interview: Meet the inspiring team of The Strand

The Strand

We’re excited to share with you a story of how two amazing women took their decades of experience in the beauty industry and used it to break into the leading position of Hong Kong’ beauty service providers scene. We visited The Strand – a pioneering full-service salon in central Hong Kong. And we had a pleasure to sit down with its founder, managing director, and stylist – Beverley Cappleman, and a senior beauty therapist – Tamara Hockly, to chat about their journey. Read on to find out what motivates them and drives their success.  Here’s what covered in our conversation:

Beverley Cappleman
Beverley Cappleman


We spoke about their reletionship with customers.

Recalled important moments in their carriers.

Chatted about what inspires them and drives to success.

Talked about the quality of products used at the salon.

Discussed where the future lies for  The Strand.


About The Strand

Address: 18 Cochrane St, Central, Hong Kong

Opened in late 2011, The Strand is a town-house of grooming, hair and beauty that quickly became one of the top salons that make customers feel fabulous. Conveniently situated in Central Hong Kong, The Strand is is the place to come for pampering. With is unique ambience of luxury and professionalism it truly is a place clients want to come back to. Offering a wide of spa and hair treatments across its 5-level building The Strand surely caters to every beauty need. Even more, the unique interior design of the salon paired with the professional expertise of its beauty therapists and provides a truly immersive experience. 


Tell us more about yourself.
Tamara Hockly
Tamara Hockly

Beverley: I’ve been in this creative industry for over 20 years. In 1990n AIfter living in Beirut, Morocco, and England I moved to Hong Kong.  Over the course of my career, I had a chance to work for multiple salons, editorials and advertising shoots across both London and Hong Kong. After all those years and with the valuable experience I gained, In 2011, I opened my own business here in Hong Kong. And I’m running it for the past 7 years.

Tamara: I grew up in Zambia and in 1999 I moved to England where my adventure with beauty industry began. As a young person, I was myself dealing with skin issues. It literally changed my life when after a long grapple with acne I finally found a beauty therapist that helped me. Seeing how huge impact her help had on my life I decided to get the education and do the same for all the women out there who just like me back then are struggling with skin problems. Over the years since then, I worked for multiple salons, sports centres, and hotel spas, in London, Greece, and Turkey. I moved to Hong Kong in 2004, when choosing this beautiful city over Barbados I took on a job in Elemis. I joined The Strand from the start and been a part of the team ever since.

What makes The Strand special?

Beverley: At The Strand, we go above and beyond being an upscale salon and spa, taking that extra step and doing things a little differently. I strongly believe that if you put a hart into what you do it comes back to you. So we don’t only do the beauty treatments but we talk to our clients as individuals and discuss more than just a simple cut or a facial. We take the time to get to know our clients on a much more personal level and we listen to their needs and wants. Beauty services are very sensitive and personal in nature, so we do our best to make build an ambience of exclusivity and privacy that’ll make them feel comfortable here. Starting with a warm welcome, relaxing scents and a friendly conversation we create the ambience of trust and the assurance of being taken a good care of.

Tamara: I’d say a consistency of great customer service from the moment our clients walk in the door to the moment they leave. It’s our attention to detail, professionalism and the personal approach that creates a unique luxurious spa ambience. We do our best to make them as comfortable as possible so they leave the salon feeling as though we have exceeded their expectations.

Your best memory with a customer?

Beverley: I love the fact that the relaxed and intimate environment of our salon makes people open up and trust us with their deepest thoughts and problems. I feel privileged and overwhelmingly grateful to share both the happy and the difficult moments with my clients. It’s an amazing experience to be able to build up a connection with people like that and I really I cherish each and every of all those moments.

Tamara: I’m in a position where I come to physical contact with people. And I think it that unique and intimate setting allows for a certain vulnerability that makes them open up about personal things. So as the physical distance disappears when they feel comfortable enough to let me touch them and to often times strip off for the treatment, the emotional one breaks down as well. In that sense, as beauty therapists, we’re somewhat born to be psychologists. I know it may sound trivial but our clients really confide in us with their deepest secrets. We hear everything there is to hear. And it really is a great feeling when we can share their excitement or when we can console those who had sad news and needed someone to share it with. I feel truly blessed for the trust and that bond I have with my clients.

What is the quality of service you require from your therapist?

Beverley: I want every client who comes to our salon to get 100% quality of our service. To make it happen we work with therapists that always make the effort to do their best job. I truly believe that it’s a key in staying knowledgeable and enhancing customer experience. Education is a career-long process. So what I look for in people in our team is an extensive expertise, strong passion and commitment to never stop learning. Because if you’re passionate about what you do, you’re eager to try new techniques, enhance your skills, develop new ones. Simple as that I think it’s crucial that we keep on evolving to stay ahead of the curve and to meet our clients’ expectations.

Tamara: I myself really enjoy learning new skills and I genially agree that wanting to continue education is very important. Why? Because I want my clients to each and every time leave my session feeling beautiful and satisfied. And it’s the constant education that enables us to deliver impeccable customer service, which in turn, makes people feel gorgeous.

What cosmetic brands are you using for the different treatments and why?
The Strand

Beverley & Tamara: We are dedicated to giving our customers the highest quality of service so naturally the products we use come from the best in the industry. Catering to our clients’ needs we carefully selected brands that we share our values with. We chose to use products of brands that are mindful about their social impact and that ate environmentally conscious. Here are some of the most reputable and well-respected companies that we trusted:

Babor and Skeyndor – two European pioneers of science-based skincare.

Ecotan  – certified organic skincare brand from Australia. Their products contain no hidden nasties, are made without any toxic or synthetic ingredients and they smell divine!

Comfort Zone – a family-owned business with truly amazing values and incredibly innovative approach their products. 

What changed in the spa industry since you started?

Tamara: The industry is constantly evolving. It’s driven by changes in consumers’ tastes and habits as well as the newest technological advancements. We’re nowadays seeing an enormous rise of tech-enabled companies that embrace the cutting edge technological developments. With the overwhelming number of choice in terms of products, customers have much more interest in learning more about them. People have realised the importance of taking the time to take care of themselves. They want to feel good about what they put on their bodies. Thus, they’re getting more educated about ingredients and demand a lot more transparency. Also, many people now seek a professional advice that became increasingly accessible. As a result, beauty became something more than just aesthetics and it now plays a powerful role in our health and wellbeing. Beauty and wellness converged and become increasingly associated with an overall health rather than only cosmetics.

Beverley: Technology is truly changing the industry. And as it makes short-term gains possible it somewhat empowers instant gratification that drives consumers’ urge to have what they want right away. But beauty is a long game. So people need to understand that to look good, they need to feel good. And for that, they need to take care of their bodies holistically.

What is your secret ingredient to run a successful business?

Beverley & Tamara: We have three: staff, staff, and once again staff! We can’t say enough how important the people you work with are. Building a dedicated team of professionals, cohesive with our vision is the best way to create an environment that supports growth. Thus, we’re truly team-based in all that we do. At the end of the day, our job comes down to being facilitators that bring out the brilliance of the team. We keep the team focused and motivated in order to achieve our goals.

Any future plans in the pipeline for The Strand?

Beverley: Constantly evolving to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. We will continue to work with partners that share our values. And we want The Strand to gain more international presence and become the leading salon in Hong Kong.

Share one quote that you live by.

Tamara: Be yourself, everyone else is taken” Oscar W

Beverley: Everything needs time but you can’t fit a square peg, in a round hole.

What is your most underrated treatment according to you?

Beverley & Tamara: Powerhylonic and Ecotan. First one truly pumps the skin and gets your moisturising game to the next level while the latter one makes a perfect Xmas present. 

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