Dazzllab is designed to provide beauty services that are truly effective. We take the minimal as the starting point, and avoid the unnecessary cost of manpower. We ensure that every detail of our customers' experience is thoughtful but not exaggerated or contrived. We believe that quality of service is the basis of a good reputation which is Dazzllab's best interest. Professional therapists in charge with more than 10 years of rich experience. A variety of international brand-name beauty products including ERICSON LABORATOIRE, VOLMONT, SUPERIOR, ANNE SEMONIN, MARY COHR, RAFFINE, BIODROGA, LA PRAIRIE, Bio, LRB, ALQVIMIA, BABOR, MAVI and so on. . ALQVIMIA, a Spanish aromatherapy aromatherapy product with lymphatic massage for detoxification and de-edema, improving body metabolism, rejuvenating the light-weight spa room with private bathroom and privacy. 肌齡研社的創立目的是為了致力提供一個真正可以達到效果的美容服務機構。我們以簡約主義為出發點,沒有把成本人力投放在不必要的地方,顧客所體驗到的每個細節都是考慮周到,不浮誇做作。我們相信口碑是肌齡研社品牌最好的養份, 而服務質數就是好口碑的基礎。 專業治療師主理,均最少富有十年以上的豐富經驗。 採用多種國際高級名牌美容產品,包括ERICSON LABORATOIRE、VOLMONT、SUPERIOR、ANNE SEMONIN、MARY COHR、RAFFINE、BIODROGA、LA PRAIRIE、Bio、LRB、ALQVIMIA、BABOR、MAVI 等。。 使用來自西班牙的殿堂級香薰品牌 ALQVIMIA 的產品 配合淋巴按摩有助達致排毒及去水腫,改善身體新陳代謝,回復輕盈水療房間附設獨立浴室,尊享高度私隱及舒適空間。