Massada Natural Therapy is a new concept in the world of beauty and personal care. Tradition and innovation join forces in a unique working method, the Ecoa® Method, it uses 100% natural products that embody the best of nature. All products are made by Massada, which has its own R&D&i laboratory. Our team works permanently in the research of new lines and has developed the most extensive range of treatments as well as natural and mineral cosmetics for facial and body care. Very close to the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean, there is one of the greatest miracle of nature: The Dead Sea. Beside it lies Massada, thelargest natural defense declared a World Heritage Site.The minerals and muds obtained from the Dead Sea have been part of the selected raw materials used by Massada Natural Therapy since 1997to strengthen the body and provide innovative treatments in the field ofhealth and aesthetics. Thanks to the mixture of raw materials used - plant extracts, vitamins, salts, BIO essential oils or floral waters - with innovative active elements in high concentrations such as pearls, liquid gold, yoghurt and mushrooms.


Lou C.
2019-09-25 14:08:06

I had a Swedish massage, and I will rate it 4 stars!