About Us


Lookdiary brings to Hong Kongers an intuitive and easy way to compare and chose any beauty treatments in the city with relevant information. Our credo is convenience for the beauty users at the best price possible.

To do so we provide reliable information on pricelists, pictures and reviews on all our partners, and give the opportunity to our audience to book seamlessly their next treatment at their preferred date, with a discount.

We like to describe ourselves as a beauty and wellness facilitator, and all developments that we have conducted since our launch in 2015 are made with this objective in mind. When it comes to beauty and wellness in Hong Kong we got you covered.


Customer’s first: Our natural objective is to make sure that we serve our customers perfectly. We want to do the extra mile for any of them. Be it a request before making an appointment or a bad review after one we do our best to accompany our audience through the whole journey.

Justice for All: We strongly stand against any type of injustice, especially when it comes to gender, race, religion or sexual orientations. All our employees and applicants are at any regards treated equally and so are our customers. When having the opportunity we support charities in Hong Kong which are sharing the same beliefs. We want people to feel at ease at any time when interacting with us.

Open-minded: It goes without saying as a Hong Kong company. Since the 19th century, Hong Kong has attracted all type of people from different horizons who participated to make it the vibrant city it is. We believe the difference is a strength, and diversity a must-have.



Account & Marketing Manager

Lydia our loyal account manager has been with us since 2017 now, she truly represents what we stand for. She is absolutely crazy about massages, hair and nail care, but she also likes to enjoy herself playing tennis and working on video editing projects on her free-time.


Account Manager

Yui started with us in 2016 is our oldest account manager, since then it has always been a treat for all parties to interact with her. She never says no to a beauty treatments, but she likes to dedicate most of her freetime to photography. Keep an eye open for her pop-up exhibitions in some of the cool cafés in town.



Fung is our CTO, the one without whom nothing would have been possible. Also co- founder of Dood Limited, Fung has more than 10 years in the IT industry, and has been the most resourceful CTO of the galaxy to pull out all the features we have today. You like your online experience? Thank him. We never say it enough, but Fung thank you for your limitless creativity and positive support.