La Patte Nail 提供專業的美甲服務,為每位客人製造心儀的指甲款式。專業美甲師擁有多年美甲經驗,技巧純熟,美甲圖案極具創意。La Patte Nail 使用 Princess 美甲產品,顏色選擇豐富,色澤長效持久。 La Patte Nail offers professional nail services to create unique and perfect nails for each guest. Professional nail artist is skilful and she has many years of experience in nail art, her nail designs are very creative. La Patte Nail uses Princess Nail Care products in a variety of colour options for long-lasting lustre.


Connie A.
2021-05-03 11:29:50

Had the UV Hard Gel Manicure, great service!

Cathy C.
2019-03-12 16:01:46

The experience is good! The only thing is that the seat was a bit small, other than that it’s fine. The girl is friendly and there’s TV to watch.

Josette C.
2019-03-05 10:24:53

My experience was good- very fast, efficient, and easy to book! Finding La Patte Nail was a bit difficult because I didn’t know it was inside a salon. Other than that, it was a good experience.