Suki Nail Beauty believes that every nail art has its own story, and has a unique meaning for each customers. It may express a character or represent an special moment in life, it always tell the customer's unique story. Since its establishment in 2007, Suki Nail Beauty has been committed to providing customers with professional and excellent nail and eyelash services. Under the care of a dedicated person, you can enjoy a wonderful laid-back time while enjoying a top service. To ensure the quality of service, all nail artists at Suki Nail Beauty have extensive experience and have obtained professional qualification certification. We also use high-end product from Europe, USA, Japan and Korea including brand such as Manucurist, NCLA, O.P.I., BANDI, IBD, CND, ADORELLE, GELLY FIT. All the selected products have non-toxic formulas to take full care of the customers’ health.