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Beauty Insider – Milinni Hair Salon Interview

We wanted to introduce you to Chloe, the Director of Milinni Hair Salon, one of Sheung Wan most famous salon and a trustful partner of Lookdiary.

Lookdiary: Tell us more about yourself (as a person)?

Chloe from Milinni: I am an enthusiastic and outgoing person, who enjoys meeting new people and participates in sports activities. In my spare time, apart from the salon,  I am also a part-time personal trainer in Hong Kong. I am also proud to say that I have graduated the first Professional Salon Management Program organized by Poly University in 2016.

Lookdiary: What makes Milinni special?

Chloe: Milinni is special because striving to nurture the deep relation of our work to art, we regard hairstyle less as a product and more as a form of art. I love to create new things for the hair industry and give 100% of my potential to our clients! That’s what makes us special.

Lookdiary: Your best memory with a customer?

Chloe: One of my most precious memory was with the clients actually, a couple. They sent me their wedding photo album after the honeymoon with a sweet note of thank you for supporting them in this most special day. Their gesture was so lovely, I still very much appreciate it until this very day.  This was a very touching moment to have. A close relationship with the client is the most valuable reward to me.

Lookdiary: What is the quality of service standards that you require from your staff?

Chloe: The service standards and quality that we require from our staff are very high. We always want to offer the best service to the clients, so all our staff is well qualified, with a much relevant experience as a hairstylist. They love to hairstyle and are very passionate at what they do.

Lookdiary: What hair product brand are you using for the different treatments and why?

Chloe: The brand that we use for hair treatment is Aveda and Goldwell. From experience, we believe them to be the best for what we do. 

Lookdiary: What is your secret ingredient to run a successful business?

Chloe: We use organic hair products to prevent damaging the hair of our customers. Vitamins and proteins are vital nutrients to the hair and we always try to offer it to our clients through customized suggestions. When you aim for quality, it’s only a matter of time before becoming a sustainable business I believe.

Lookdiary: Share one quote you live by.

Chloe: When nothing goes right! Turn left!

Lookdiary: Any future plans in the pipeline for Milinni?

Chloe: We now keep focusing on growing our brand and gaining the reputation in Hong Kong, but then in the near future we will open a branch in mainland China.

Lookdiary: In your own words, working in the hair industry is…?

Chloe: Personally I think that working in the hair salon industry, feels like performing live on stage.  Every day is full of excitements.  And my team supports me the best way they can with hard work.  My customers naturally play a big role as well, we became good friends and care for each other. This environment fosters my passion for hairstyle and motivates to keep on learning and developing my creativity for the sake of my customers’ satisfaction and of my team wellbeing. 


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