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Hair Wash Frequency
How often should you wash your hair?

Our hair is one of our most defining features – and it can make or break your look. Most of us spend a significant amount of time and money on our hair…

Soak Off Gel vs Hard Gel
Soak off gel VS Hard gel 

Deciphering the world of manicures can be tough – after all, there are so many new terms and products to learn about! Gel manicures, especially soak off gel and hard gel, are…

body steaming hong kong
Top 5 Benefits of Body Steaming

Do you feel that your skin looks grey, tired and completely devoid of vitality? Are you looking for a way to regain the glow and the healthy look of your skin? Read…

Sports Massage
A great method for muscle and mental recovery! Simple rest just might not be enough to support an intense exercise habit. A sports massage can help you towards accomplishing multiple goals: relax…