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Everything you’d possibly want to know on Pedicures.

Looking for the perfect pedicure in Hong Kong for the beach season or a night out in Soho? Lookdiary has your back! On Lookdiary you can find a wide range of nail salons and offering everything from hard gel nails, soft gel nails to nail art to get your feet looking marvellous. You can also find perfect spots for foot steaming treatment to reinvigorate your feet from a long week of work.

Sandals, flip-flops, peep-toes, between the pleasant weather, the abundance of beaches, and the many opportunities to go out be it in Soho, Causeway Bay or Tsim Sham Tsui, Hong Kong is the perfect city to unveil your feet on an almost daily basis. But Hong Kong is also a city where people are the most active in the world, close to 7000 steps on average per day! It is certainly good news from the health perspective, but it also takes a toll on your feet appearance. Therefore extra care to make your feet as presentable as they can be is no luxury.

Pedicure Hong Kong
Pedicure Hong Kong

One pedicure per month, in addition, to keep your feet beautiful will also prevent infections and make your joints healthier. By removing all dirt and remains building up on your skin, pedicures scales off dead-skin prevent any nail diseases. Naturally, the foot massage that goes with it will also come with its share of known benefits. If you add the hydrating and rubbing care to this, you will certainly make it a routine to have a pedicure before your vacation and regularly during beach season.

You can easily discover nail salons near you on Lookdiary, which will fulfil your needs. Thanks to our customers’ genuine reviews and our price research tool, not only can you find the treatment you want, but also where you want it, how you want it, and at what price you want it. You will find dozens of great options in Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui or anywhere in Hong Kong with our intuitive nail salon locator. Based on your affordability and location, we offer you the best selection in Hong Kong and give you the ability to book instantly a pedicure near you with a guaranteed discount. 

Pedicure Hong Kong
Pedicure Hong Kong

Of course, you can limit yourself to a classic pedicure, but why not take a closer look at all the different types available on the market. This is our job to not only select trustworthy salons where you can easily book a pedicure near you, but also make sure that you book the right one for your needs, even if the sandal season tends to be long-lastig in Hong Kong we don’t want you to lose precious time! Below is a selection on the most booked pedicures on Lookdiary:

Soak Off Gel Pedicure

Also known as a soft gel pedicure, this pedi will last for weeks before you need to give it a refresh. They are basically as resistant as hard gel, but it doesn’t take them so long to dry. It’s one of our favourites for the duration and ease of application ratio! This way to find the salons providing soak-off gel pedicure, and you can also read our in-depth article Soak-off gel VS Hard gel for more detailed information.

French Pedicures

It’s kind of annoying to admit but French people do have this “je-ne-sais-quoi” which makes them more elegant. Well, it’s basically the same with the French Pedicure. You add a little something to the tip of your nails and end up with a more classy look. Technically it’s a white-tipped pedicure with each nail neatly painted white instead of being polished. Take a look at our full selection of French Pedicure near you in Hong Kong.

Hard Gel

Hard gel pedicures may represent the best value pedi since it will last the longest with a natural-looking effect. The pedicure will easily last for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or damage and with more flexibility than acrylic nails. Many reputable establishments on Lookdiary offer Hard Gel pedicure treatment in Hong Kong, and if you want to know more about Hard Gel take a look at our piece on the topic.

Pedicure Hong Kong
Pedicure Hong Kong

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails consist of a mix of liquid and powder, spread out onto your nail with a brush and air-dried. This type of pedi is specifically recommended when your toenails are week in order to add visual strength and length.

Spa Pedicures

Of course, a pedicure has the undeniable quality of making your feet look good but not only! Spa pedicures especially are good all year round, not only during sandal-season. Critical foot hygiene measures are being taken, like cuticles and dead skin removed so that your feet stay healthy. Obviously the lower leg and foot massage coming with every spa pedicure will feel annoyingly good and bring the usual benefits of massages, lower your stress level, ease your muscle tension and increase blood circulation. Spa Pedicures are an absolute must and can be relatively cheap if you pick the right one. Our spa pedicure locator will help you do that.

Nail Art

Nail art has picked up like crazy lately, who wouldn’t like to walk around with art pieces on their toes! This is a creative way yo make your toenails look amazing, and to add a personal touch to your look. Special brushes, stamps, stickers and tools will help you create your art piece, and if you don’t manage to reach the ultimate design yourself, do not hesitate to ask your fav nail artist for tips!  

Pedicure Hong Kong
Pedicure Hong Kong

Shellac Pedicure

Up your pedi game with a Shellac treatment aka the chip-free pedicure. Shellac is a long-lasting pedicure which can last up to a full month without breaks or chips. It’s a three layers patented protocol, base coat, colour polish and top coat. This procedure will satisfy your need for beautiful and strong nail for a long period of time. Book your Shellac pedicure near you on Lookdiary, and benefit from our elected merchants’ expertise!  

That’s it, we have shared all our knowledge with you when it comes to a pedicure in Hong Kong, time to get those feet of yours pampered now!


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