Pregnancy Massage: Everything You Need To Know Before Your Session

Pregnancy Massage: Everything You Need To Know Before Your Session

Pregnancy Massage

Imagine going through the constant noise, the crowds, the stressful long days, and the never ending schedules while carrying a baby? Not one of life’s easiest tasks right? People usually have so many questions about the massage types, their benefits, and when is the right time to opt for one. The list of questions even double when it comes to the prenatal or pregnancy massage. Take time to read this article and spare a moment for your parental pampering.

1- What is a pregnancy or prenatal massage and when is the right time for one?

This is probably the first question that comes to your mind when you are not familiar with this type of massage. What makes pregnancy massages so different from regular massages. The pregnancy massage aims to reduce the fluids that often occur during pregnancy and give the mother extra relaxation while avoiding all possible pressure points. Note also that the beds dedicated to this type of massage usually have a hole to accommodate the patient’s belly and let them enjoy their experience. During the period of pregnancy, your body requires more attention than usual and needs you to listen to what it needs. Relaxation, wellbeing, comfort and calmness are some crucial ingredients of the smooth pregnancy period magical recipe. Although a woman can opt for a massage therapy at any given point of the pregnancy period, it is preferable that mothers to be only decide to take this step after the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage is lower.

2- What are the benefits of a pregnancy massage? 

Massage therapy has always been known for having a long list of benefits that trigger us to book our next appointment right away. To that regard, pregnancy massage is no different. It is actually more enjoyable and has more benefits as the woman’s body needs it the most during the pregnancy period. Many studies have proven that pregnancy massage reduces anxiety, reduces joint pains and muscle aches, improves lymphatic and blood circulation as well as releases muscle tension. Pregnancy massage has also given noticeable results when it comes to mood regulation and cardiovascular health as it improves hormone levels associated with stress and relaxation. Some women also go through a hectic sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy that can easily be reduced with the help of a prenatal massage.

Find below a list of all the benefits you can get from a pregnancy massage:

Benefits of pregnancy massage
Benefits of pregnancy massage – Lookdiary

3- What are the precautions for pregnancy massage?  

Prenatal massage usually has no risks neither on the mother to be nor on the baby. However, as previously mentioned, it is advised that the patient waits until the end of the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to opt for one. The mother should also discuss with their doctor as well as the massage therapist to set expectations and get all the necessary knowledge to fully benefit from the experience. Professionals consider the best position during a massage for a pregnant woman is side-lying, some have normal beds while others provide special beds with a hole. Pay attention, a bed with a hole does not necessarily mean that it will be safer and that you will feel more relaxed. In some cases, these beds still apply pressure to the abdomen and cause stretching for the uterine ligament. These are also things you should discuss with your doctor to see the best option that will fit your specific case best. 

4- What are the benefits of a pregnancy massage for the baby? 

If you think that you are the only one benefiting from the prenatal massage, there are high chances that you are wrong! Just like the mothers-to-be, the babies also benefit from the pregnancy massage as they connect with their mothers on a deeper level in utero. They nurture the feeling of love and nourishment and they are more likely to have an improved blood circulation as well as more flexible muscles and joints. Besides all the benefits that both the baby and the mother enjoy during pregnancy thanks to the pregnancy massage, studies show that women who have a massage therapy during their pregnancy have an easier labor. Indeed pregnance massages makes the delievry process smoother and less painful for both the baby and the mother.

5- How much for a Pregnancy massage and where do I get in Hong Kong?

There are a lot of establishments that offer professional prenatal massage for different budgets and that can cost on average around 650 HKD. Massada Medicspa and Majomi Skin Center in Causeway Bay promises a great experience for pregnant women. More than skin by Amrita takes you to a whole mood of relaxation in the heart of central, and so do Cara Day SpaLe Parfait Medical and Pretty Penny House both in Tsim Sha Tsui also offer their customers unforgettable relaxation moments. Find below some of the many establishments available on Lookdiary along with their offers and locations:

Pregnancy Massage Hong Kong
Pregnancy Massage Hong Kong

Find even more establishments and information on the Lookdiary platform.

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