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Hong Kong Anti-Acne Treatments Guide

Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. Even if anti-acne treatments might be more pricey than other beauty procedures, they’re a worthy gratification considering the benefits you can get out of them.

So, whether you’re searching for deep cleaning, a radiant glow, diminished acne scars, or all of the above, we gathered for you our favourite options for anti-acne treatments in Hong Kong and organized them by location and price. 


1. Soul Beauty & Wellness

Soul Beauty and Wellness

Soul Beauty & Wellness pursues a simple and healthy lifestyle. By offering ingenious technology and high-end products, the skin and body can be enhanced to achieve maximum beauty. For instance, the Anti-Inflammatory Acne Care Facial has a price of HK$440, and the treatment has a duration of 45 minutes.  

2. Envus Bust & Slimming Specialist CWB


The Envus Bust & Slimming Specialist CWB is a beauty center that has been offering skincare services for several years. Their services include whitening, slimming, breast shaping, and more. In addition, they offer the Acne Control Treatment for HK$680. The treatment has a duration of 60 minutes.

3. Massada Medicspa

Massada Medicspa

If you’re looking for tradition and innovation, then Massada Medicspa is your best option. Their unique working method uses 100% natural products. Massada Natural Therapy has been using minerals and muds obtained from the Dead Sea since 1997 to make your skin look flawless and younger. Above all, their Oil & Acne Prone Skin Treatment is a magnificent remedy to help fight acne while reducing scarring, inflammation, and redness. The treatment has a price of HK$880 and has a duration of 60 minutes.


1. My Perfect Body

My perfect body

If you’re in Hong Kong’s Central area, a great option is My Perfect Body. My Perfect Body is a non-surgical salon and spa specialized in facials and body correction. It offers chemical peels, BIOPLASMA and MESOACTIVE. It pays close attention to skin issues including, acne, acne scars, large pores, and aging skin. Some of their most well-known acne treatments are:

  • GIGI Chemical Peeling-Acne HK$780
  • Aging Skin HK$780

Both treatments have a 60 minutes duration.

2. Bare Essentials

Bare essentials

Even though Bare Essentials specialized in hair removal, they provide personalized and professional skin care treatments. When you enter Bare Essentials, you can be sure you’ll feel comfortable and relax as they do all the treatments as painlessly as possible. You can try Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial, which is ideal for those with acne, acne scarring, and uneven tone. The price begins at HK$980, and it lasts about 75 minutes.

3. Mind Nature Art Beauty

Mind Nature Art Beauty

As the name suggests, Mind Nature Art Beauty provides safe, hygienic, and fantastic beauty services. As soon as you enter, you feel relaxed thanks to their comfortable environment, healthy music, and soft white beds. If you’re looking to recover your skin health, you can try South African Organic Probiotic Barrier Treatment. It’s ideal for those suffering from sensitive acne. The treatment has a price of HK$1480.


1. SD Beauty Corner

SD beauty corner

SD Beauty Center is a beauty salon that provides professional facial treatments and massages. Their primary goal is to provide an outstanding service to all their customers. You can try their Back Treatment (Acne/Whitening/Refreshing) if you want to achieve flawless skin. It costs HK$380 and lasts for 1 hour.

2. Nature’s Care Beauty Centre

Nature's care

Nature’s Care Beauty Centre is well-known for giving some of the best massages in Hong Kong. Besides, you can also enjoy magnificent facial skincare and body scrubs. At Nature’s Care Beauty Centre, you are received in a friendly environment making it the perfect place to relax. Don’t forget to try the Anti-Acne Facial Treatment, which costs HK$598 and has a duration of 90 minutes.

3. Kang’s Healthyland


Kang’s Healthyland is the ideal place for those looking to balance mental and physical care. One of the best things about this beauty center is that every treatment is custom-made using high-quality products. All the staff has the experience and skills to treat your skin. You must try their Rejuvenating Anti-Acne Spots Treatment. This treatment costs HK$1880 with a duration of 75 minutes.


1. Beauty Recipe

Beauty Recipe

Beauty Recipe offers a wide variety of services custom-made to your needs. This spa is well-known for its top-quality service. Beauty Recipe offers the Korean Acne Cooling Facial Treatment, which is HK$310 and has a duration of 60 minutes, and Slim-Light Acne Repairing Facial Treatment, at HK$590 with a time of 75 minutes.

2. JC Wonderland Nail

JC Wonderland Nail

JC Wonderland Nail is more than just a nail salon as it provides effective acne treatments to help you get rid of dirt, bacteria, and oil. Their famous acne treatments are:



  • Basic Tea Tree Acne Soothing Facial at a starting price of HK$580 with a duration of 90 minutes
  • Back Acne/White Head Treatment ideal for removing whiteheads in the skin. The price is HK$1280 and has a duration of 60 minutes.


1. Royal Beauty And Spa

Royal Beauty Spa

When you go to Royal Beauty and Spa, you can be sure you’ll receive top service and quality. Although they specialized in eyelash extension, you can also benefit from their acne treatments. The Acne Facial Treatment is fantastic for those suffering from inflammation, black and whiteheads, and redness. The price starts at HK$298, and it lasts around 75 minutes. You can also try the NLIOVA Linea AHA Acne Treatment, which costs HK$380 and lasts about 75 minutes.

2. Natural Face

Natural Face

With more than ten years of experience, Natural Face offers top quality skincare treatments for everyone. Their passion is to take care of your skin with professionalism. If you suffer from acne and oily skin, you must try the Anti-Acne Treatment. The cost of this treatment is HK$480 and has a duration of 90 minutes.



1. Vico Beauty

Vico beauty

Most people are continually under high pressure, and they have little time to take care of their skin. Vico Beauty offers a convenient location and a friendly environment to help you with your skincare routine. At Vico Beauty, you’ll find professional beauty therapists and reasonable-price treatments to help customers with different skin types. If you suffer from acne-prone skin, you should try Acne Facial Treatment. This treatment costs HK$580 and has a duration of 75 minutes.

2 Action Organic Beauty

Action Organic Beauty

Another fantastic option for beauty treatments and slim services is Action Organic Beauty. This beauty center is conveniently located in the center of Mong Kok. All the staff has many years of experience, and they always use the highest quality products and technology. Action Organic Beauty offers two anti-acne treatments:

  • Bernard Cassiere Blueberry Anti-acne Treatment with a duration of one hour and a half and a cost of HK$880
  • Bernard Cassiere Bamboo Hydrating & Anti-acne Scar Treatment, which is a 90 minutes treatment with a price of HK$880

And this is the end of our list of recommendations for anti-acne treatments in Hong Kong. Of course, you can also use our treatment search engine to do your own research based on your budget and location.

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