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Our 8 Go-to salons in Hong Kong for Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is a popular choice for hair removal as it swiftly removes the hair from the root. This makes it grow back softer and finer. Plus, you’ll be hair-free for two to four weeks as your hair needs to grow back from square one. Shaving, on the other hand, simply cuts the hair off at the skin surface. This results in the hair feeling rougher, as the ends are blunt. It also grows back a lot faster – typically within two to four days.

This treatment has become an increasingly popular choice as it removes all the hair in your pubic region. Unlike shaving, the skin will be smooth and soft to touch. Also, you won’t have to deal with itchy stubble. While the first couple of sessions might be painful, as mentioned, your hair will grow in finer. Subsequent sessions will then be a lot less painful.

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of Brazilian waxing. Then, we’ll recommend the best places in Hong Kong to get one.

What is Brazilian waxing?

Brazilian waxes are essentially a step beyond a bikini wax. They remove the hair from your pubic region – top, front, sides and back. You can choose a completely nude look, or one that leaves a neat triangle, strip, or square in the front. Speak to your wax therapist and let them know which style you want.

The different types of waxes

There are two main types of waxes you can choose – soft and hard. With soft wax, it is applied to your skin first and cloth strips are used to pull the hairs out. With hard wax, strips aren’t necessary. When the wax is removed, the hair comes out with it.

Both waxes are equally efficient. However, hard waxes are generally less painful and gentler on your skin. Regardless, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference!

What to expect during a Brazilian waxing session?

Your hair will need to be least 1/4th of an inch long. Otherwise, the wax may not be able to get enough of a grip to properly pull it out. It’s best to stop shaving at least five days in advance of a Brazilian wax session.

During the session, your therapist will start with your bikini areas first. She will cleanse it with a wipe, then apply the wax section by section. To fully remove the hairs from their roots, she will hold your skin taut while waxing the area. Then she will likely apply a soothing gel for any soreness or inflammation.

To do a proper Brazilian wax, your therapist will need to touch you everywhere. Prepare yourself for this! You can also ask your therapist to walk you through each step beforehand so you’re more comfortable.

Brazilian waxing aftercare

No one likes ingrown hairs, so be sure to follow proper aftercare procedures. Use a gentle exfoliant on the waxed areas, particularly your bikini areas on a semi-regular basis. If you generally have sensitive skin, a DIY exfoliant made with sugar and coconut oil will work well.

Remember, your skin will be extremely sensitive after a Brazilian wax! Avoid exercise for 24 hours after your wax and wear loose pants for the day. This will reduce irritation to your skin. 

Now that we’ve covered the most important parts of a Brazilian wax, let’s look at the best places in Hong Kong where you can get one. Below is our list of favourites vetted by our customers but you can, of course, browse by yourself to find the perfect brazilian waxing salon in Hong Kong.

#1: Bare Essentials in Central

Bare essentials Hong Kong - Brazilian Waxing

Bare Essentials provides a variety of spa and beauty services. Their Brazilian waxes are top-quality for 420KHD. They are performed by experienced staff, so you will certainly be in good hands! Feel free to raise any concerns you may have with them so you can be calm and relaxed throughout the process.

This salon is conveniently located in the heart of Central Hong Kong and uses premium products. Your skin will never feel smoother!

#2: Lily Medi Spa in Central

Lily Medi Spa - Hong Kong - Brazilian Waxing

Indulge yourself at Lily Medi Spa! They pride themselves in having a tailored approach to your needs, so don’t be shy about communicating exactly what you require. They only use top-of-the-line products and have a team of highly trained staff. You will certainly be in good hands here.

Their nearly painless semi-Brazilian waxes are currently on discount – only 180HKD! This makes them the perfect choice for those on a budget.

3#: WAXNMORE in Central

Waxnmore Hong Kong - Brazilian Waxing

WAXNMORE is conveniently located in Central Hong Kong. It is a cosy spa you’re certain to feel comfortable and at home in. They offer a variety of waxing services (but not only!), including Brazilian waxes for 420HKD.

Their staff are well-trained and experienced so you’re sure to have a positive experience here. Be sure to communicate what you want! They will definitely accommodate your needs.

#4: Dolma Waxing in Central

Dolma Waxing Boutique - Hong Kong - Brazilian Waxing

As the name implies it Dolma Waxing specialises in … waxing! And this has been the case for more than 20 years already. You can book your appointment there with closed eyes, they’ll manage the perfect brazilian waxing effortless. Also at 350HKD it’s a real bargain in Central!

#5: Cara Day Spa in Central

Cara Day Spa Hong Kong - Brazilian Waxing

Cara Day Spa goes above and beyond simple spa services. They only use top-quality, award-winning products to ensure your skin’s comfort and health. They also have special kid-friendly packages so that parents can relax knowing their little ones are being well taken care of. Instead of viewing wellness as an indulgence, they prioritize it as a necessity.

Their Brazilian waxes are currently on discount – only 330HKD! Their therapists are highly qualified and well trained to provide superior service. Do approach them with any questions or concerns you may have. They are more than happy to walk you through the process and ease your anxieties.

#6: Iconic Beauty in Causeway Bay

Iconic Beauty Hong Kong - Brazilian Waxing

Iconic Beauty has been established with a customer-oriented spirit and the quality of service at all cost has always been their number one concern

Enter this safe haven in buzzing Causeway Bay to benefit from the renown attention of Iconic Beauty therapist, and benefit from Brazilian waxing for 400HKD

#7: Cherdchai Hair and Beauty Centre in Wanchai

Cherdchai Hong Kong - Brazilian Waxing

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind! Cherdchai operates her spa and salon in Wanchai since 1995, and she will not let you down when it comes to your Brazilian waxing.

At 450HKD you’ll get a treatment worth your money and special care by Cherdchai.

You are now clear on the specifics of Brazilian waxing and on all the different options available in town, the next step to fully enjoy it is to set an appointment!


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