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Lymphatic Massage – Why you need to consider it

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage or lymphatic drainage massage is a type of massage that is destined to encourage the movement of lymph fluids in the body. Unlike other types, this massage is very gentle and does not require so much pressure or tense movements on the patient. Below in this article, you will find everything you need to know about lymphatic drainage massage, its benefits as well as SPAs and Salons where you can get it in Hong Kong.

1- What is a lymphatic fluid? 

The purpose of the fluid in the lymphatic system is to actually remove harmful toxins and waste from the body tissues. The lymph is a colorless-to-white fluid that is initially made of white blood cells. More specifically, those cells attack bacteria in the blood. Another component is the fluid from the intestines that is called chyle. The chyle is a liquid rich in proteins and fats. The lymph nodes are soft and usually cannot be seen or felt, they are located in many places of the human’s body including the neck, armpits, chest and abdomen. Many health conditions can cause the lymph to build up in some areas of the body, leading to a lymphedema.

2- What are the benefits of the lymphatic fluid massage?

The heart constantly pumps blood via the blood vessels and the lymphatic system relies heavily on the smooth movement of muscles to transport fluid through the lymph vessels. As we previously mentioned, some health conditions can lead to an interruption of the normal lymph flow which leads to a lymph build up causing swelling. Lymphatic massage is the best option to opt for in order to reduce swelling and improve the lymph circulation throughout the lymph system. In addition to showing great results healing lymphedema, the lymphatic massage has other benefits leading to a healthier lymph system and therefore long term health benefits.

Lymphatic Massage

3- Who can get the lymphatic massage?

This type of massage can benefit just about everyone as it is gentle and it does not require tough movements. You can get the lymphatic drainage if you have a lymph fluid build up or if you are feeling tired, running out of your energy. Lymphatic massage is also a great option for athletes, patients who have been through surgery. It’s a great patch for those of us who suffer from chronic fatigue or tiredness. Lymphatic massage can also be part of a care program for people who usually experiment trigger points throughout the body, as it removes proteins and waste, it helps restore immune function and improve vitality.

4- Where can I get the lymphatic drainage in Hong Kong?

There is a long list of places offering lymphatic massage in Hong Kong, you can browse on the Lookdiary’s specific treatment’s search in order to find the best fit for you. Here are our top picks on the island: The Right Spot Urban SPA, Levo SPA, or Hermitage SPA. And our top picks in Kowloon and the New Territories: Wild Organic, Action Organic Beauty, or Le Parfait Medical Beauty Centre. All those places promise an great experience with a much enjoyable atmosphere.

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