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Collagen Treatments – Hong Kong Guide

Collagen is an essential component of connective tissues, meaning it helps build your tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles. This protein performs a variety of important functions, including strengthening your bones and keeping your skin smooth and supple.

Collagen supplements are growing in popularity, as they have been linked with several health benefits. They’re widely used for improving skin health, relieving joint pain, and much more. Of course, as collagen is such as vital part of your body’s composition, it stands to reason that supplementing your body’s natural collagen levels will bring you more benefits!

The effect collagen has on your skin should not be underestimated. It is a core part of your skin’s structure and maintains elasticity and hydration. Unfortunately, as you age, your body will begin to produce less collagen – this is the main reason people develop wrinkles!

Collagen skin treatments are highly effective at boosting your natural levels of this important protein – even more so than collagen supplements. They don’t just make your skin look more bright and youthful. Regular collagen treatments can even get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and dry or discolored patches of skin. In this article, we’ll first help you assess whether your body is producing enough collagen on its own. Then, we’ll list the top five places where you can get collagen treatments in Hong Kong, so you can pamper yourself with a well-deserved spa trip this weekend!

Understanding your body’s collagen levels

To understand whether your body is producing enough collagen, check the health of your skin and nails. Is your skin dull and sagging, or dry and peeling? Are you starting to get wrinkles and fine lines? Your pores are getting larger, or are you starting to notice spots of discoloration? Your nails are brittle, or are you noticing signs of accelerated hair loss? These are all signs that your body is starting to produce less collagen than usual.

The good news – you can reverse these effects with regular collagen treatments! This will help boost the levels of this essential protein in your body, and your skin and other tissues will begin to repair themselves.

If you’re looking to bring an overall youthful energy back to your skin, a general collagen facial will do the trick. However, you can also target specific problem areas, such as dry skin on your neck or crow’s feet around your eyes. For example, collagen injection treatments can work miracles on wrinkles and scars, and targeted skin treatments can resolve even the most stubborn issues.

Where to go for your collagen treatment.

Once you’ve understood what sort of collagen treatment would benefit your skin best, it’s time to head down to the beauty salon and pamper yourself! Here are our top picks in Hong Kong:

1. Sun Beauty

Sun beauty Collagen treatments












Being on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t get to pamper yourself! Sun Beauty, located just beside the Wanchai MTR exit, is a salon well known for quality yet affordable beauty treatments. They offer a variety of skincare services, including an egg-white collagen treatment and collagen injections to tighten and lift eye bags. You’re certain to get only the best service here, as they are constantly upgrading their equipment, products and skills to ensure customers get the care they need.


Egg-white collagen treatment: 480 HKD (45% discount)

Collagen injection: 980 HKD


21/F CNT House, 120 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

2. Bio Beauty Spa

Bio beauty spa collagen treatments












If you’re looking for a convenient beauty salon to pop into on your way back home from work, Bio Beauty Spa is the perfect place for you! Situated on Lyndhurst Terrace in central Hong Kong, it’s the perfect way to relax after a stressful day. Plus, they offer a variety of collagen treatments so you can decide which is the best one for you. Whether you target a specific problem area or get a full facial, you’ll leave feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


Eye or neck collagen treatment: 880 HKD

Face collagen treatment: 2500 HKD

Anti-wrinkle collagen facial: 2880 HKD


201 Lyndhurst Building, 29 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

3. Medic Dynasty

Medic Dynasty Collagen treatments












Well known to be experts in the field of anti-aging beauty treatments, Medic Dynasty prides itself on staying up to date on the latest skincare technologies. They have two locations in Hong Kong, both just a short walk away from the Mong Kok and Causeway Bay MTR stations respectively. It’s certainly a convenient pit stop while you’re out and about! Plus, they use only the highest quality products to restore your skin’s youthfulness – you’re certain to leave a satisfied customer.


Collagen tri-peptide refining treatment: 1380 HKD


  1. 22/F Hollywood Commercial Centre, Room 2202, 610 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
  2. 22/F Causeway Bay Plaza II, Room 2204, 463-483 Lockhard Road, Causeway Bay

4: More Than Skin by Amrita Spa












Nestled in the heart of Hong Kong Central, More Than Skin by Amrita Spa offers a luxurious experience like no other. They use high-quality, all natural products to reduce the amount of toxins or chemicals your skin is exposed to. With the goal of rejuvenating both your body and soul, their skilled beauty therapists are certain to help you achieve the skincare results you desire. You can even upgrade to the VIP room if you’re feeling like pampering yourself!


Pro collagen marine facial: 1280 HKD

Ant-aging eye treatment with collagen: 580 HKD


1st Floor, 8-12 Gilman’s Bazaar, Central, Hong Kong

5. Sky Care

Sky Care Collagen Treatments












If you have particularly difficult and sensitive skin, or if you’re looking to treat yourself with a fancy spa trip this weekend, check out Sky Care! While they specialize in skincare, they have a holistic, customer-centered overall approach towards beauty therapy. This means that in addition to beauty treatments, they offer services such as skin analysis, nursing advice, body shaping/weight loss treatments and more. You will have the opportunity to design and tailor beauty treatments to perfectly suit your needs – it will certainly be a rare experience. The best part – their PICO laser collagen treatment is currently only 800 HKD after a whopping 70% discount!


PICO LASER collagen rejuvenation treatment: 800 HKD (70% discount)

HIDU collagen rejuvenation V-Face treatment: 6800 HKD

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on collagen treatments in Hong Kong! For more complete guides on specific beauty treatments, feel free to check our dedicated page here.

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