HIFU vs Radiofrequency what solution is the most adapted to you

What are the differences between Radio-frequency and HIFU facial treatments?

HIFU Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency and HIFU are two solutions preventing skin slackening due to ageing caused by the slowing down of epidermic renewal.

The differences between HIFU and Radiofrequency

If they serve the same intention, these two methods are quite different and using one or the other will depend on the results that you want to achieve. We’ve listed the main differentiating points to clarify the process and help you chose the treatment that fits your needs best.

HIFU Radiofrequency


Radiofrequency is a laser that treats the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, with concentrated heat. It penetrates no further than 3mm deep into skin tissues. The heat stimulates the existing collagen, and as a consequence the skin tissues immediately tighten. However, the deeper the penetration, the less impact of the heat, and so this treatment has its limits. It is recommended to start with six to eight sessions every month in order to obtain the best results, and then one or two sessions per year are recommended for the purpose of maintenance. This establishment will help you to achieve an ideal outcome with the method of Radiofrequency

HIFU Radiofrequency


This is a relatively new technique using high-intensity focused ultrasound (or HIFU). The ultrasound has a deeper impact reaching down to the muscles in order to tighten and tender the skin. Because it goes deeper, it generates more new collagen at a more efficient rate. The result is progressively exposed as a denser dermis and skin with more tonicity. The collagen regeneration process lasts 3 months and one treatment session is enough to sustain throughout this period. This location will deliver the best new glow with their speciality in HIFU.

Note that neither of these techniques can match the effectiveness of surgical intervention, but HIFU in comparison to Radiofrequency is the more non-invasive method. On the other hand, Radiofrequency is more affordable.

Find below a list of our highest recommendations for both treatments.
Radiofrequency: CM Square, Helens Spa, Wasser Beauty.
HIFU: Tridacna Beauty, Cest La Vie Beauty Salon, Glorwe.

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