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10 Questionless Employee Gifts Ideas

Happy employees are generally more productive and will be willing to go the extra mile to produce high-quality work. They’ll also work better in a team and stay positive even when faced with challenging tasks. There are different ways to keep your coworkers happy, but one effective method is showing that you care about them.

In our corporate wellness series, we’ve discussed the benefits of corporate wellness programs to keep your employees satisfied and motivated. This article, we’ll focus on what gifts you can give your employees to show them you care about them and appreciate their hard work. In return, this will certainly make them glad to be part of the company and will reflect in their work.

Coming up with gifts ideas is often hard on its own, and it’s even harder when it’s for your employees. First, you may not know them all on a personal level, and second, they may all have different tastes. This comprehensive list will provide you with a variety of gift options that cover all budgets and fulfil all tastes. Rest assured, you’ll find the perfect employee gifts ideas here!

#1: Thank You Candy Bars

This is one of the most simple yet thoughtful gifts you can give your employees. Simply print out thank you notes on candy bar wrappers and wrap candy bars with them! Keep your pantry stocked with these, so every time your employees head for a snack, they’ll feel appreciated.

#2: Care Packages

Care Package Hong Kong

The name is pretty self-explanatory for this one – care packages will definitely show your employees that you care! Some examples of items you can fill them with are sweets and other snacks to keep their energy up during those long workdays, soothing tea sachets to help them relax and unwind, a water bottle so they don’t have to keep running to the pantry every time they need a drink, a notebook or a day planner, and so on.

Given the current situation with CoVID-19, the majority of offices have implemented a work from home model. Care packages are especially useful currently, as they’ll help your employees feel connected to your company despite the physical distance. Plus, you can have them delivered to their homes! Some unique ideas for these home-delivered care packages are socks and fuzzy slippers to stay comfy while homeworking, aromatherapy candles, bath bombs, etc.

#3: Quirky employee mugs

It’s easy enough to find mugs that have cute and quirky sayings on them, such as “You’re an awesome employee!”. Get mugs with such motivational messages and your employees will feel valued and appreciated at every coffee or tea break.

#4: Spa gift cards

Spa Gift Card Hong Kong

Similar to care packages, spa gift cards will allow your employees to relax and unwind after a long week of work. The great aspect of gift cards is that your employees can use them whenever they wish and chose the treatment they want. The Lookdiary Gift Cards add another level of flexibility by giving the opportunity to even choose among more than 200 establishments located everywhere in Hong Kong

#5: Noise cancelling headphones

Working from home means calls all day long, so comfortable noise-cancelling headphones will be very much appreciated by your employees! Plus, whether in the office or at home, distracting noises are a guarantee, so not only does this gift show your employees that you care, it will help them be more productive too.

#6: Unique desk accessory holders

Employee Gifts Ideas Hong Kong

There are a variety of designs you can choose from when it comes to desk accessory holders, and it’s best to choose one that suits each employee’s unique personality. For example, you could get a puppy-shaped one for the dog lover and a simple wooden one for the minimalist. Plus they can hold any items making a desk messy, so your employees’ desks will tidy and clear for work.

#7: A mug warmer

One usually doesn’t consider a mug warmer as a top gift, however, when gifted one, it becomes a valued possession. After all, we all know that feeling of making a hot cup of coffee or tea and then getting so caught up in our work that by the time we take a sip, it’s gone lukewarm. With a mug warmer, your employees can enjoy hot drinks all day long.

#8: A mini punching bag

Stress is unavoidable at work – especially when dealing with difficult clients. Get your employees a mini punching bag they can keep on their desk to release their frustrations on whenever they encounter a particularly demanding client or are having troubles with their family.

#9: Small succulents

Employee Gifts Idea Hong Kong

Nature has the ability to lift anyone’s spirits – and green offices will certainly help your employees feel more calm and relaxed even during those long and difficult workdays. Provide your employees with a succulent plant they can keep on their desk; a dash of greenery will certainly boost their mood! Plus, succulents are extremely low maintenance so they won’t have to worry about accidentally killing it. You can even find cool pots that have motivational messages printed on them so keep your employees’ spirits high.

#10: Spray hand sanitizers

Given the current pandemic, hand sanitizers will be much appreciated by your employees! It’s easy enough to find hand sanitizers in unique and trendily designed bottles, so your employees can display them on their desks and use as necessary. Opt for ones that have non-irritating cleansers and essential oils so their hands will stay soft and hydrated.

So there you have it – 10 unique and interesting employee gifts ideas you can use to show them that you value them. Which one will you choose?

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