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Hong Kong Hair Guide

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When did you last visit a hair salon? One month ago? Two months? If you need to think, it definitely means that it has already been too long. Nice hair desperately needs maintenance and commitment. No secrets, no magic tricks. Women with perfect hair do exist and we see them every day. But those women take the time to invest in their hair and visit the hair salon regularly. You want to do the same but don’t know where to start? We have for you a simple guide to make everyday a healthy shiny hair day!

How to choose a hair salon

On Lookdiary it’s very simple. Our customers have tested each hair salon and left authentic reviews for you to read and help you decide. You want to be sure, take a look yourself! They are all certified salons and one is able to leave a review only after booking through our platform. There is no room for error or fake reviews!

Hair guide Hong Kong

I don’t want to cut my hair!

Not all hairdressers are scissor addicts! Hair salons offer so many treatments that feed your hair, nourish it and makes it look healthier and more alive. That does not include a cut.

Even if you don’t want to change your hair length, be aware that it still needs maintenance even if you are not in for a cut. You need to cut the tips of your hair every 8 weeks on average. You can also go to a hair salon to highlight your natural hair colour, to come up with a great hairstyle for a special evening or just repair and care to renew the silkiness and exceptional shine.

Change your routine!

You don’t like to change your hairstyle? We are not talking here about going from brown to electric pink, but just have a look at yourself with a different hair style from time to time. You will feel refreshed (and so will your self-esteem!) Allow yourself a blow-dry on a Saturday evening before a night out, come-up with a nice up-do before a date, or indulge yourself with a highlight. It will trigger a ton of compliments when you show up to the office the next day. Try it, you will see! If you are not adventurous to make wild changes, you can start by changing hair styles from time to time. Get inspired by beautiful hairstyles that are not so hard to do yourself for a start.

Hair Guide Hong Kong

I actually want to change!

Then you are at the right place! Highlight, Brazilian Blowout, or hair extensions, maybe? You name it, we find it. You want your hair done every month? With the list of salons in our network there is nothing that we cannot offer! Long to short, brown to red, curly to straight, there is no magic that our partners cannot perform. One thing to keep in mind when performing all the hairstyles, is considering hair treatments from time to time.Your hair goes through a lot without you being aware, so it can only be a great idea to treat it from time to time so it can gain its glow.  

A solution for each craving.

Fancy nice curls? You need a perm in Central or Causeway Bay? Giving up your frizzy hair for some straight ones? Flatten them out with a straightening. Is your priority length and volume? Go for a hair extension! When talking about hairdressing, the change can be light or radical. It is up to you to decide!

Color Hair

The magic of hairdressing.

As one of our merchants once said: “one’s hair has always been the most important part of the style and social facing self.  Just changing your hair has an unbelievable effect of changing your entire look: A few highlights here, a braid there, and you can change your whole look and how people perceive your personality. Trust us, our hairdressers are wizards

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