Ultimate Price Guide to Hong Kong Hair Salons - 5 Easy Steps

Price Guide to Hong Kong Hair Salons

5 steps price guide to keep both your hair looking healthy and your beauty budget in check.

Read on for types of treatments, recommended frequency and a full price guide.

Who doesn’t dream about getting up, brushing your hair with your fingers, and leaving your home just like that? Unfortunately, not many of us are this lucky and for the majority, a “straight from bed hairdo” requires some extra treatments. To spare yourself the morning struggle of a bad hair day you must regularly visit your hairdresser and make sure that your hair colour and the cut are fresh and neat.

Here’s our 5 steps price guide that will walk you through all you need to know to plan your haircare routine.

Step no. 1 – Your hair won’t look good, without a good haircut. 
You should be getting your ends trimmed at least every 8 weeks (if your hair is long) but if you got a shorter haircut you’ll need to schedule more regular visits. 

Price guide: The cheapest you can get a haircut in Hong Kong is for 123$ (at Looks Beauty & Ayurveda) but you should be prepared that at the majority of salons you’ll have to spend more than 300$ or even up to 850$ for the most pricy cuts done by salon directors. See the full list of salons and their haircut prices.


Step no. 2 – Do not underestimate the importance of colouring.

If done right it’ can do miracles emphasizing your skin tone and eye colour, making your hair look fuller and healthier. The frequency with which you need to schedule colouring appointments depends on your individual hair texture and rate of growth. Yet, you might not want to schedule it less frequently than every 4 to 6 weeks, when roots usually start to be visible. 

Price guide: The cheapest hair colouring in Hong Kong you can get at Improve Hair in TST and it’ll cost you as little as 450$. But that price can often times go all the way up to 1000$ or even 1700$ depending on your hair length, chosen salon and the treatment type. 

It’s miraculous what fresh highlights can do to your look. You may not always have the time to be in the salon for a couple hours every 4 weeks but remember 6-8 weeks should be the absolute maximum you get out of your last highlight treatment.

Price guide: The cheapest offer for highlights we found in Hong Kong will cost you 438$ (at Green Hair Salon) and 450$ (at Improve Hair) while 550$ - 850$ is the average price you’ll see at the majority of Hong Kong hair salons. See the full list of salons and their prices for highlights.

Thisgirlabroad also has a long list of cheap places where to get highlights in Hong Kong as well as she shares with you her experience with highlights.

Step no. 3 –  Protect and repair

Lightening and colouring your hair automatically puts it in a more fragile territory. Your hair can be damaged by both UV and styling tools, like straighteners and tongs. To maintain healthy hair it’s important to give it as much protection as possible. Make it your habit that once every few weeks when you’re getting you colouring or haircut done you also ask for a deep conditioning treatment – it’ll make a big difference in keeping your hair looking healthy.  

Price guide:  You can get an Olaplex treatment at Salon Icon starting from 100$ for short and 400$ for long hair, or a Kerastase treatments starting from 1780$ at Amour Salon.


Step no. 4 – Always, leave it to a professional.

If you’re not one of those lucky ones that got the “perfect hair” gene set and instead you envy girls with perfectly straight hair or a fuzzy head of curls, don’t struggle with the everyday styling that ruins your hair. Instead of torturing it with the heat of curling iron and straighteners, book a perm or straightening appointment that’ll get you way better results and that you’ll be able to enjoy for a much longer time.

Price guide: Depending on your hair length you can get the permanent wave perm treatment for as little 300$ (at Salon Icon) while a common price you can see at e.g Milinni Hair Salon and Amour Salon, starts from around 600$.

If it goes about straightening perm treatments, you should expect to spend anything from 650$ (at Milinni Hair Salon) up to 1600$ depending on the salon you choose. A keratin treatment, on the other hand, will start around 1400$ (e.g at G Cover Hair).


Step no. 5 – Use available tools to keep your appointments in check.

No matter what it is that your hair needs at the moment, don’t waste your time on hours of researching available salons and rescheduling cancelled appointment for the thousandth time. Using Lookdiary, with one click you can have a list of all the hairdressers in your neighbourhood, treatment price guide and customer reviews – all in one place. Remember: save yourself the time and use Lookdiary to peek into a hairdresser’s calendar and find a gap for yourself in their busy schedules.

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