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Massage Guide in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong more than anywhere else a massage guide is needed. The work, the high-pace, and the everyday worries trigger a lot of stress – and most of the time people aren’t doing enough to get rid of it. You must find time to unwind and allow yourself a break from the city buzz. A massage sounds like a great idea, but which one do you want? How does it work? What are the techniques and the products used? We have summed it all up for you.

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What is a massage?

It is hard to assess when people started to massage eachother, but we know for sure that some techniques, like the Ayurvedic massage, are over 6000 years old. Massages exist in practically every culture in the world and their benefits have been known for ages. Yet each type of massage has its own characteristics, this massage guide will help you to navigate. Massage consists of the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body using hands especially to relieve pain and tension and provide a feeling of relaxation.

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What massage for which benefits?

Is pure relaxation the goal? An Ayurvedic massage is the solution. Derived from traditional Indian medicine, it is the oldest massage of all. If you’d rather boost your energy level and experience invigorating techniques, lean towards a Thai massage. To combine skin care with peaceful quiet relaxation, let yourself tempted by an oriental massage often complemented by natural products such as Argan oil. Stimulating and relaxing duality of a sport massage will help release the tension in your muscles. Last but not least, perhaps the world’s most popular massage remedies are found in a Californian, Swedish, or a good old-fashioned Foot massage.

massage guide

What products are used for a massage?

Most salons use cold or warm oil for massages. It enables the therapists’ hands to move smoothly across your skin. Some places opt for essential oils with a herbal or floral smell and known for their relaxing properties. The most luxurious customers may also experience the exotic techniques – a chocolate massage is irresistible for instance. Applied as the liquid form of cacao, it is rich in potassium and polyphenols which are well know for anti-oxidant and nourishing properties. It is of course possible to do a massage without any oil or cream as in traditional Thai massage. Finally there are plenty of other options like hot stones, herbal compresses, candles or even sticks for reflexology.

Relaxing massage is not the same as therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is to be carried out only by a physiotherapist, a certified professional rehabilitation specialist. The physiotherapist operates for medical purposes in order to heal and rehabilitate the body after injuries or severe strains. In contrast, the relaxing massage is an esthetic and wellness care with no guaranteed therapeutic purposes.

Which massage option to choose?

Everyone who has ever planned to get a professional massage (especially when for the first time in their lives) faced the pressing question of “what type of massage should I go for?” When you are looking for a massage therapy, you find a glassful of options to choose from. Every single massage varies in pressure, technique, focus area and in its ultimate benefits. Considering your particular therapeutic needs can achieve the best result from a different massage types.

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