Beauty offers everywhere in Hong Kong for the new year of the dog

Chinese New Year’s beauty offers

beauty offers hong kong

As a Chinese New Year 2018 greeting, we decided to handpick for you the most valuable New Year’s offers present on Lookdiary at the moment. Naturally, you can still do your own selection directly on Lookdiary, but we wanted to give you our two cents!

 Causeway Bay offers

It is not because the rent in the shopping areas of Causeway Bay is among the most expensive of the world, that you cannot find there interesting offers for a beauty treat there. When it comes to massage, let yourself tempted by Diana Spa, they give away up to 40% off their massages and have some interesting offers on many more treatments.

If you are more looking for a hair treat, Mode J Golden with 30% on hair treatment would please you as well!

For the journey to be complete, you can also take a look a the incredible facial offers at Natural Beauty Marzia Clinic, 50% off doesn’t happen every day that is for sure.

Central offers

Passing by Central is always a good opportunity to get their nails done. We are not short on offers there, and here is our special selection. Looking for a regular manicure, visit Emilie Beauty and Makeup and enjoy their expertise with 35% discount! If you have a bit more time you can also enjoy the manicure with a moisturizing treatment together with a 15% discount at Rainbow Nails. And finally, if you want a compelling Soak Off Gel Manicure, enjoy a 35% discount at La Patte Nail.

When it comes to facials, the choice is not an issue either! Lily Medi Spa offers 50% discount on their classic cleansing and hydrating ones, My Perfect Body will give you a 50% as well on the Sothys detoxifying one, and C’est La Vie pushes it up till 62% for its special Skin Reborn facial!

Finally, we could not resist giving you our top picks when it comes to massages! Here again Central has a lot to offer. The renowned Cara Day Spa opted for 20% on most of their massages, a bargain! And last but not least, The Right Spot Urban Spa offers an incredible 30% discount on a vast selection, and trust us, the reviews don’t lie!

Kowloon offers

Together with Causeway Bay, Kowloon is the most buzzing place in Hong Kong, and this stands for the beauty establishments’ choice as well! The choice is large and you will even find interesting offers on innovative beauty treatments such as Radiofrequency and Hifu. We will let you explore all those offers by yourself but let us list a few classics still.

Soul Pure Beauty in the heart of TST is offering 10% on their signature facial. And if you are more of a Mongkok person, then do not hesitate to run at Perfect Skin Beauty Centre where you’ll benefit from their special facial treatment with a 45% discount.

Besides this on the massage end, the well-rated Foot Spa in Jordan, gives an impressive 40% on some of their massages, which makes the trip definitely worth it.

And finally to get your style ready up to the nails, check Babydoll Nail Boutique and enjoy a Soak-Off or Hard Gel manicure with an incredible 65% discount.

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