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Sleep secrets to enjoy replenishing nights

Do you know a peaceful night’s sleep is as important as a healthy diet and regular exercise? In fact, do you know that poor sleep can have a negative impact on workout performance, brain function, and hormones?

In simpler words, a night of peaceful sleep is all you need to enjoy better brain functionality and a healthier lifestyle. In addition, good sleep helps boost memory and mood and has a positive impact on the metabolic and immune systems. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that sleep quantity and quality have deteriorated over the past few years, which is why we are trying to help here with some secrets!

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Stop Tossing & Turning

It’s common to toss and turn a bit before sleeping, but if you have done it for more than twenty minutes and there are no signs of sleeping, it’s time to get up. This is because constant tossing and turning can produce more stress in the body, resulting in hindrance in the sleep cycle. That being said, get up from the bed and read a book because reading relaxes the mind, and you will have better chances of feeling sleepy.

Comfortable Bedding

Do you know that your bedding can help regulate the temperature in the bedroom? It’s important because the bedroom temperature plays a substantial part in optimizing sleep quality. We suggest that you ditch polyester bedding and opt for bedding made from natural fiber, such as cotton with a high thread count or pure silk. In addition, the bedding must be washed once a week because slipping into fresh and clean sheets will be the most blissful feeling!

Get Some Massage

If you have ever gone in for a massage, you would know how sleepy one can feel. This is because massage forces the body to relax and pulls the muscles to smoothen and relax them. In addition, massage can improve blood circulation, which signals the brain to relax. So, it’s recommended that you opt for a massage regularly to reduce your stress levels, and you will eventually sleep better! The good thing is that we know exactly where you can book those massages.

Sleep Secrets Hong Kong

Remove The Light Source

It’s evident that you have a designated sleeping area, so make sure there is no light in the sleeping area. This is because light signals to the brain that the body needs to be awake, which is why your sleeping area should be as dark as possible. Start by investing in room darkening curtains and turn around the alarm clock. Not to forget, you must keep your smartphone, laptop, and TV out of the bedroom because the lights from these devices can cause sleep disturbance. Last but not least, get yourself a cute eye mask!

On the other hand, if you cannot sleep in the dark (everyone has their caveats), it’s recommended that you opt for amber light or low-wattage light – just avoid sharp lights. Keep in mind that a proper environment is essential to have a restorative sleeping experience, so just create a sleeping environment that helps you relax.

Create A Bedtime Routine

It’s important to create a bedtime routine that’s healthy and balanced (yes, create a nighttime routine as you would for infants). For instance, you should spend the last hour before going to bed doing something relaxing – it will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. For instance, you could have a warm cup of hot chocolate or chamomile tea if you want something soothing. In addition, invest in a diffuser and add a few drops of lavender essential oil as it can help you unwind.

Regular Sleep Schedule

Having a regular sleep schedule can help you improve the quality of sleep. So, start going to bed at the same time every day and put on the alarm to wake up on time. A regular sleep schedule will help maintain the circadian rhythm, which is the natural clock of the body, as it helps microorganisms run on the 24-hour cycle. However, if you cannot go to bed at the same time every day, try waking up at the same time (forget about snoozing). Also, most importantly, try to follow this schedule on weekends.

Reduce late naps & late caffeine intake

Sure, you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee right after waking up but bid farewell to naps and caffeine in the latter part of the day. It’s common for people to enjoy an espresso shot to sustain themselves during the day, especially when the workload gets too heavy. However, afternoon coffee can keep you up for hours and hinders the sleep cycle.

So, rather than filling yourself up with coffee, start taking power naps (they are only 20-minute naps, so don’t even think about sleeping more than this!). Still, you shouldn’t take a nap five hours before sleeping time because it can mess up the nighttime sleep.

Work Out

Another thing you can try is to work out. This is because a regular workout can improve the mood and reduce stress to achieve a better sleep quality. Some people struggle to sleep after an evening of workout, so just shift to a morning workout or opt for a light workout!

Warm Bath

According to different studies, a shower or bath before going to bed can improve the quality of sleep. A warm bath can help you sleep quickly and helps achieve deeper sleep. However, you can also opt for a cold shower but don’t forget to add some magnesium flakes or Epsom salts as they reduce stress, or you can simply opt for lavender or other soothing bath bombs!

Cut Out The Noise

Sure, you can sleep in noisy surroundings, but it can adversely impact the quality of sleep. For this reason, you must block out or limit the noises that are disrupting your sleep. You can opt for some earplugs to block out the noise or shift to a sound machine that makes relaxing sounds, such as crashing waves and babbling brook.

Bottom line, sleeping right is essential to enjoy a better mood and a healthy life – in fact, it helps keep the weight in check. So, try out these secret tips to sleep better, and don’t forget to add cherry juice, chamomile tea, and almonds to your diet because they’re proven to reduce insomnia and improve the quality of sleep.

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