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Vaginal steam, why you should seriously consider it!

Vaginal steam has been used since the dawn of humanity. Different cultures have different names for it – known as Yoni in ancient Sanskrit, Chai Kok in traditional Korean culture, and Bajo to the Mayans. The treatment has been regularly used across centuries but it has been forgotten in recent ones. Today vaginal steam is en vogue again and for a reason – it is helping thousands of women around the world.

The positive effects of vaginal steam are visible almost instantaneously. Women agree that the treatment releases them from abdominal cramps, feelings of bloating and menstrual pain. All of these benefits come without a single other change in their routine.

vaginal steam

The treatment has been traditionally used to maintain a healthy uterus.  It combats against endometriosis, infertility, painful period and most uterus-related diseases. Instead of using costly treatment or chemicals, women can use this non-invasive method to improve the health of their intimate parts.

Vaginal steam efficacy:

Studies show that the most common technique is efficient for women of all ages, environments and ethnicities. For centuries, women have appreciated the following positive effects:

  • Decrease of menstruation flow
  • Stabilization of menstruation cycles
  • Reduction of period pain
  • Increase in fertility
  • Healing of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse, endometriosis and general uterine weakness.
  • Expedited recovery after birth
  • Expedited healing of chronic vaginal infections
  • Healing of episiotomy and C-section scars.
  • Healing of hemorrhoids
  • Reduction of menopause symptoms
  • Elimination of toxins occurring in the uterus

CAUTION: Vaginal steam is not recommended to pregnant women as it can induce them and trigger the birth.

How does vaginal steam work?

The process is similar to those inhalation techniques we use against a blocked nose. It consists of steam rising from a bucket filled with hot water and a blend of herbs. Ideally the steam reaches all areas of the the external vagina. The soft tissues of the vagina have high-absorption properties which allows the steam to have an almost instant impact.

Once the herbs are added to the hot water, their properties will be transmit thought the steam into the vagina first and then absorbed to the blood and the uterus.

How to do a vaginal steam?

The process explained above should last for 30 to 40 minutes. In terms of herbs, it is best to follow the advice of your naturopath but those most commonly used are Motherwort, Yarrow, Artemisia, Cranberries and Lavender – mixed together or employed separately.

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