Budget-friendly manicure salons in Central. Treatment and price guide.

Budget-friendly manicure salons in Central – price guide.

Manicure by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash
Manicure by Daiga Ellaby

Best, budget-friendly nail salons in Central – treatment and price guide.


Yes, Central is full of nail salons but with so many options how do you choose the right one? Depending on your choice, your manicure’s price and quality can differ enormously. Don’t gamble on it and think it through before you pick the one.

Good news! We made it easier for you, and prepared a guide to the best, budget-friendly options for getting your nails done in Central Hong Kong.  Scroll down to see our pick and  prices.

Natural manicure

Traditional manicure

Manicure by Laura from horkruks.com

It last for about five days with no chips. Very easy to take off. Takes only a polish remover and cotton pads to remove it. Has no negative affect and might even help to prevent nails splitting or breaking.

Lowest prices in Central:
100$ Lavana 
118$ Magic Beauty & Nail 
128$ Emilie Beauty & Makeup - with 35% discount
128$ La Patte Nail
130$ Cara Day Spa
150$ Queencess 
150$ Cattleya Salon De Beaute 
150$ SV Nail 
180$ Club Carlo
190$ My Perfect Body (O.P.I)

French manicure

Iconic white-tipped manicure with tips of each nail neatly painted white instead of being polished to be a single hue.

Lowest prices in Central:
French manicure:
150$ Cara Day Spa 
230$ Lavana 
230$ SV Nail 
230$ Magic Beauty & Nail 
250$ Nail n Nails
French manicure re-varnish
220$ Salon Nova Hair & Nail

Artificial manicure

Soak-off gel

It’s a hybrid of a gel and traditional nail polish, cured and hardened under UV light.  It’s less hard than gel nails and lasts about two to three weeks with no chips. Removing it doesn’t require a visit at a salon. You can take it off on your own, using cotton pads soaked with acetone, aluminium foil and cuticle pusher. (Using a wrong technique can cause peeling or breakage problems so make sure you do it properly or book an appointment.)

Manicure by Laura from horkruks.com
Manicure by Laura from horkruks.com


Lowest prices in Central:
Soak-off gel manicure
250$ Cm Square
226$ La Patte Nail with 35% discount 
298$ Seul Color with 41% discount
298$ Emilie Beauty & Makeup
315$ Club Carlo (O.P.I)
Soak-off gel removal
100$ Cm Square
120$ Orange Wood Nail Bar
132$ The Right Spot Urban Spa
150$ Lavana
170$ Beyond Nails Boutique


It’s one of the soak off gel nail polishes, that takes it’s name from trademark of CND – company that invented it first.
Lowest prices in Central:
Shellac manicure:
243$ Cara Day Spa with 10% discount
260$ Queencess
280$ Cattleya Salon De Beaute
Shellac re-varnish
200$ Magic Beauty & Nail



Can be applied on natural or fake nails. Allows extending the length of the nail and sculpturing its shape in a similar way to acrylic manicure.  It lasts two to three weeks with no chips. Can be removed only at a salon (gel needs to be sand away with an electric file before the acetone-free remover can be used). Improper application or removal can damage nails so make sure you chose skilled technician and keep your nails hydrated.
Manicure by Sharon McCutcheon
Manicure by Sharon McCutcheon
Lowest prices in Central:
Hard Gel:
272$ La Patte Nail with 35% discount
280$ Cm Square
Hard Gel Removal:
150$ Cm Square
200$ Lavana 
220$ Beyond Nails Boutique
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