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5 fantastic dumpling classes in Hong Kong

Not only are dumplings one of the most famous foods of Hong Kong, but they are also extremely delicious too! In fact, one of the first things recommended when traveling to Hong Kong is to try the famous dim sum. Dim sum is a dish typically served at tea time that mainly consists of various dumplings with dipping sauces. To elevate your dining experience, why not take a dumpling cooking class and learn to make it yourself?

Dim Sum Dumpling Cooking Class

Dumplings are an incredibly versatile dish as you can stuff them with whatever you want. There are also several different wrapping techniques. For example, you can make them with meat, seafood, vegetarian or vegan ingredients, wrap them in cabbage leaves for a healthier recipe, pan-fry or steam them. They are incredibly easy to prepare, and a huge hit at parties!

In this article, we’ll go over the top places to take a dumpling class in Hong Kong. After all, what better way to learn how to prepare fresh, delicious dumplings than to attend a specialized class?

#1: Organic dumpling cooking workshop from Market Walk to Kitchen

Dim Sum Dumpling Cooking Class

Learn how to make dumplings from scratch in this 2-hour session. To ensure your food tastes amazing, this class also includes a trip to the market to shop for fresh, high quality, organic ingredients. Covering a range of recipes, this class will teach you how to cook traditional Hong Kong dumplings. Plus, you’ll learn a variety of wrapping styles!

This class is also the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon. Whether you want to go with a group of friends, your family, your partner, or even alone, the class can be customized to meet your unique needs. Class groups are usually a maximum of eight people, but larger groups of up to 30 can be accommodated. Plus, if you have five or more guests, you’ll get a 5% discount!

Length: 2 hours
Location: Hong Kong Island
Price: 380KHD for adults, 195HKD for children

#2: Private authentic Cantonese Dim Sum making class with professional chef

Dim Sum Dumpling Cooking Class

This class is a unique opportunity to learn authentic Cantonese recipes from a professional chef experienced in teaching. It is hosted by Star Chef Management, a well-established culinary arts school. Classes are private, so it’s the perfect activity with a group of friends. Note that at least two people are required to attend. Plus, you get a certificate of completion and an apron as a cute souvenir at the end!

The types of dim sum dumplings depends on the day you choose to attend, as the menu varies. However, the most common dim sum dumplings, such as soup dumplings, siu mai, shrimp and pork dumplings are included on the menu. Do note that the class will be held in Cantonese and an English interpreter can be made available if needed.

Class duration: 3 hours, 10AM – 1PM
Location: Kowloon
Price: 1600HKD for adults, children are not allowed to attend

#3: Cordis Hotels & Resorts Dim Sum making class

Dim Sum Dumpling Cooking Class

The famous dim sum making class by Cordis Hotels & Resorts is back by popular demand! Hosted by Ming Court, a Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant, it is one of the most renowned dumpling cooking classes in Hong Kong. Head Dim Sum Chef, Tse Sun Fuk, will be leading the class. Ming Court is a prominent advocate of delicious Cantonese cuisine, and a spot at this dim sum making class is highly coveted.

A variety of dim sum recipes are on the menu, which changes on a monthly basis. These recipes include scallop dumplings, morel mushrooms, beetroot wraps, steamed pickled Chinese cabbage, prawn dumplings and more! Plus, class participants will receive a 300HKD voucher as well as delicious food cooked in-house to eat after the class. Ming Court will also be hosting a separate vegan dim sum making class in April to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

Classe duration: Normal dim sum class: 2 hours, 3:30PM – 5:30PM, Saturdays
Location: Kowloon
Price: Normal dim sum class: 488HKD per person. Vegan dim sum class: 422HKD per person

#4: Mom’s Recipes: Char Siu (Barbecue Pork) and Dumpling cooking

Dim Sum Dumpling Cooking Class

Dumpling and BBQ pork is one of the most famed and delicious local foods in Hong Kong. In this class, you’ll learn how to make this simple yet vibrant dish while learning more about Hong Kong’s culture. Plus, you’ll be following the experienced instructor’s mother’s secret recipe, and nothing tastes better than a good, home-cooked meal!

If you’re looking for a no-frills, authentic recipe for dumplings and BBQ pork, this class is definitely your answer. Let the bold, unadulterated flavours of the dish shine through with this traditional recipe. Plus, you’ll also get a short market tour so you can learn how to source your own ingredients in the local markets.

Class duration: 2 hours, 4:00PM – 6:00PM, Mon – Sun
Location: Shau Kei Wan
Price: 600HKD for adults, 300HKD for children

#5: Yum Cha restaurant’s private dim sum cooking classes

Dim Sum Dumpling Cooking Class

Perfect for corporate events or smaller social gatherings, the private dim sum cooking class at Yum Cha is certainly a great experience! The dim sum at Yum Cha is known to be delicious, so why not learn secret recipes and techniques from the best? Plus, the elegantly decorated venue creates a relaxing and classy atmosphere. It’s sure you put you at ease while you practice your dumpling wrapping skills.

In this class, you’ll learn how to make pork and shrimp siu mai as well as hot custard buns, yummy! The class is also followed by an afternoon tea session, where you’ll be able to eat your final products as well as other dishes cooked by the restaurant chefs. Do note that classes are held in Cantonese, but English translations can be available upon request.

Class duration: 2.5 hours, 3:30PM – 5:45PM, Mon – Sun
Location: Central
Price: 550HKD (adults), 350HKD (children)

So there you have it – the top five cooking classes in Hong Kong where you can learn to make authentic, yummy dumplings! If you are in a Cantonese cooking mood, but don’t have the motivation to take on a full class, you can also try one of these easy-to-make-at-home Cantonese recipes or figure out more cooking classes in Hong Kong which are not dumplings only.

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