Hong Kong Top Instagrammable Hot Spots : Places, SPAs, and Food

The top 10 uncontested instagrammable spots in Hong Kong

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The land of skyscrapers, breathtaking nature, never-ending lights, and constant movement. Whether you are a local or just a visitor, Hong Kong offers everyone a taste of everything. One thing is sure, you will not leave empty-handed and Hong Kong won’t fail to give you an extremely pleasant experience! Do you want to know the hidden gems of this big city? Buckle up, we have an interesting selection of Hong Kong’s hottest instagrammable spots and as a bonus, we included details of how to get there.

1- Western District Public Cargo Working Area – The Instagram Pier:

Originally a container terminal, this cargo dock has become an attractive destination for Instagram and photography enthusiasts. Unlike most of Hong Kong, this place is spectacularly soothing and quiet if you manage to make it there before the rest of the crowd. You will usually stumble upon pre-wedding photoshoots and choreographies, make sure not to photobomb anyone!

Instagram Pier Pre Wedding Pictures
Credits to: @insta_pier

How to get there? If you are close to a tram station, take the tram going to Kennedy Town or Whitty Street Depot and exit on the Hill Road stop. Otherwise, take the MTR to HKU (island line) and take exit B2. Turn right onto Hill Road and walk towards the coast. The pier is on your left.

2- Sai Wan Swimming Shed:

Located in Kennedy Town as well, you can plan to visit this place before or after the Instagram pier. Ideally, the best time to stop by is during sunsets, but if you ever do so, take into consideration the fact that it will be dark going back up the steps. Dating from the 1950s, Sai Wan is the only remaining swimming shed of Hong Kong. As you stand near the cliff at a sunset hearing the waves crashing, you will barely remember you are still part of Hong Kong. Read more about the Sai Wan swimming shed on The Smart Local’s article.

Sai Wan Swimming Shed
Sai Wan Swimming Shed – The Smart Local

How to get there? You can either take the tram going to Kennedy Town or take the MTR to Kennedy Town (island line) and take exit C. Walk along Forbes street to Cagodan street and turn left to Victoria road at the intersection. It should be about a 20 minutes walk along the coast before you reach green steps that will lead you to the shed.

3- Instagrammable SPAs:

Now if you are familiar with Hong Kong, you definitely know how SPAs are all over the place here, but did you know that there are SPAs that have such an attractive interior to the point that you can’t help but take a picture. Let’s be honest, the environment of the SPA is what makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. Float on is mentioned on Alpha Concept’s list of top instagram- worthy HK beauty SPAs 2019. You don’t want to miss this opportunity? Book your next beauty treatment at Float on and discover why people are going crazy about it.

Credits to: @Floatonhk

How to get there? Take the MTR to central station and take D2.

4- Yick Cheong Building – Monster building:

This is probably one of the most recommended places to visit in Hong Kong. Once in the Yick Cheong Building, you will get a glimpse of the city’s density as you look up. The towering buildings will rise with your gaze and leave you wondering how this concrete giant dating from the 60s has been standing still for so long.

Yick Cheong Building
Yick Cheong Building – aloha Brigitte

How to get there? The monster building is also on the island, so you can opt for the either the tram going to Sai Wan Ho Depot or the one to Shau Kei Wan or take the MTR to Quarry Bay and take exit B.

5- Yum Cha:

Now, of course, we cannot talk about Hong Kong’s hottest instagrammable spots without mentioning the food. If you want an ultimate dim sums experience, try Yum Cha. From the BBQ piggy buns to the hot custard buns, the restaurant offers a large selection of not only yummy food, but also food that will make your Instagram fans very jealous.

Yum Cha
Credits to: @Yumchahk

How to get there? There are 4 Yum Cha restaurant branches around Hong Kong. You can take the MTR to central and take exit E4, take the MTR to Causeway Bay and take exit A, MTR to Mong Kok and take exit C3, or you can go to the one in Tsim Sha Tsui by leaving the station at B2.

6- Kowloon- Canton Railway Clock Tower:

44 meters tall, this tower is the only thing left from the former Kowloon- Canton railway station erected in 1915. The tower stands at the end of a palm-lined way which makes it perfect for a very successful photo shoot.

Tower Tsim She Tsui
Credits to: @samuelsori

How to get there? You can get there by taking exit L6 in Tsim Sha Tsui (You’ll see the tower once upstairs), or if you are in central, you can take the star ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui.

7- Tai O Fishing Village:

Away from the noisy and crowded Hong Kong, you get to have a glimpse of what the city used to look like in the past in the Tai O Fishing village. Located on the western coast of Lantau Island, the village offers its visitors a great mixture of traditional stilt houses, dried seafood, and pink dolphins. With a setting on the coast and the mountains’ frame, this underrated gem is a great destination if you want to take beautiful non-mainstream pictures. Read more about it on the Hong Kong Traveller’s article.

Tai O Fishing Village
Credits to: @travel_with_yann

How to get there? Take the MTR to Tung Chun station and take exit B. Then, You can either take bus 11 to Tai O bus terminus. Or take the Ngong Ping Cable car to Ngong Ping village and finally take bus 21 to Tai O terminus.

8- Charlie Brown Cafe:

Going back to the food category, you can decide to visit Charlie Brown Cafe to enjoy tasty food, amazing beverages along with a very cute interior. The food is so cute and well served that you will barely manage to eat it. Don’t forget the perfect shot first!

Charlie Brown Café - @antikenyangg
Credits to: @antikenyangg

How to get there? Take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui and take exit B2 (6min walk).

9- Choi Hung Estate:

This colorful basketball court has become a very iconic must visit place in Hong Kong. The only thing we would recommend is to go there as early as possible if you are aiming for a nice clean shot. You can read more about the Choi Hung Estate’s and its history on Just a Tina Bit’s blog.

Choi Hung Estate - @sarahivster
Credits to: @sarahivster

How to get there? Take exit C4 from Choi Hung MTR station. Walk into the estate and then turn left. The court is on the car park’s roof.

10- Big Buddha on Lantau Island:

We left this one for the end because it is everyone’s top priority when in Hong Kong. You can actually plan to visit Big Buddha the same day of the Tai O Fishing Village. There is absolutely no angle that is not instagrammable about the Tian Tan Buddha, but if you are lucky enough to get a bird’s view shot from the cable car. Your followers will go crazy over the shot!

Big Buddha - @pauli_candida
Credits to: @pauli_candida

How to get there? Take the MTR to Tung Chung station and take exit B, then take the Ngong Ping Cable car. Alternatively, you can take the MTR to Tung Chung station. Walk to Exit B as well, then take New Lantao Bus n°23 from Tung Chung Town Centre. You can also catch a ferry to Mui Wo from central pier n°6 and take the New Lantao Bus n°2.

Now that you have all your must see and visit plans, all you have to do is charge your phone/ camera to the fullest, and use them to make magic out of every place. Read more about the most needed photography tips that will make your pictures look even better. After the long hours of walking digging for the hidden gems, and taking all the satisfying pictures, you might consider enjoying a little SPA session that will make the journey a lot better. Congratulations! You just had a great day. 

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