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Weight-loss Bootcamp: The 7 Musts For Fitness

Many adopt a strict diet for weight loss, but even eating two meals a day only doesn’t always bring much change to physical appearance. So, what’s the secret formula? Exercise, exercise, exercise. Without exercise, you might as well say goodbye to the idea of getting fit.

In reality, the body is a battlefield, with muscles and fat in a constant mad scramble for domination. If muscles gain more nutrients, body fat is simultaneously reduced. You may have a lot of questions about the relationship between weight loss and exercise: What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise? Is weight training a must for weight loss? Could office workers still find time to exercise? Here are some answers.

1) Aerobic + Anaerobic, complementing exercises

Remember: the pursuit of weight loss should aim at nice body curves while reaching a healthy weight. A very good way to exercise is to include both aerobic and anaerobic exercises in your routine.

2) Does weightlifting allow me to lose weight?

Correct! Weightlifting plays a very important role in the process. This is because as the muscle is growing rapidly, the fat weight will simultaneously be significantly reduced. Weightlifting results in the elimination and destruction of weak muscle cells. This improves muscle strength, prevents disease, let the body look more angled and sharp, enhances weight loss and performance is other sports. Depending on the physical condition of each individual, it is advisable to have a fitness coach to guides you in a safe and healthy environment. You can find a coach near your location based on your budget on HelloToby.

3) Save some time to exercise

When confronted with the idea of going to the gym, the first excuse that office workers have is “I don’t have time.” However, people generally don’t make time or put in sufficient effort. According to the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association, muscle training should be performed for more than 2 days a week, with at least 150 minutes of stretching and aerobics. In general, there may be time constraints due to the class format in the fitness centres. However, there are more flexible options available on the market such as one-on-one training at home and many other forms of “personal training”. There again, you can find a coach on HelloToby, to match you up with your agenda.

4) Attend professional coaching sessions

Whether you are someone who enjoys individual sports, or someone who brings a friend along for mutual motivation, the key is to have a professional trainer with you. Professional trainers do not only arrange schedules for effective training, but also act as your counsellor: integrating sports, nutrition and health in a personalised program that fits your needs.

5) Select your venue carefully

Fitness facilities in Hong Kong greatly vary and are spread out, resulting in a number of issues to consider. For instance, the temporarily closing of a gym can result in a subsequent lack of exercise to the members of a local community. There are also cases where the gym equipment is poor in comparison to the number of attendees, resulting in occasional accidents, disputes or time waste. Therefore, it is suggested that anybody who chooses a fixed fitness venue should pay a visit to the site before making a decision on the fitness venue. Ask yourself these questions: are there separate spaces for men and women to exercise? What is the ratio of equipment people are using during rush hours? How often is the site cleaned? Make your decision based on those answers and be sure to get to know the site, so you don’t waste your money.

6) Do not over-control the diet after exercising

After exercising, one must take a good rest to regenerate the damaged/strained muscles. Therefore, you should not be afraid of eating carbohydrate foods as long as you have a proper diet. Taking high GI (high sugar) foods such as white rice, sweet potatoes or potatoes after exercise can quickly replenish glycogen and help restore the athlete’s physical strength. Furthermore, protein, milk, soy milk will provide the amino acids necessary for muscle growth.

7) Rest to start-over stronger

Simple rest just might not be enough to support an intense exercise habit. A sports massage can help you towards accomplishing multiple goals: relax your muscles, drain the toxins, identify muscle contractions and ease them. Nothing is better than a firm hand to loosen those knots. Read more on sport massage.

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