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Are Detox Smoothies Really “Good” For You?

Detox smoothies, are they really ¨good¨ for you? You’ve questions; we have answers. We put together a comprehensive guide on everything there is to know about detox smoothies and how to incorporate them in your daily life. Whether you are looking to lose some weight, improve your health or flush away toxins, our detox smoothie recipes will give your health a spin. Take control over your life by taking care of your body and feeding it what it needs. 

Here, we will give you the basic guidelines on how to make a smoothie and everything you need to know before you start including them in your daily routine. Read on, as we will highlight the fantastic benefits detox smoothies have to offer, plus we’ll provide you with a guide on how to build smoothies, together with our favorite detox smoothies recipes that will help you kick start every day full of energy. 


Become a Smoothie Guru

But wait, before we move on into the miraculous benefits of greens smoothies, let’s start by defining what a smoothie is. A smoothie is a beverage mostly made up of fruit and vegetables, typically using a blender. Adding more fruits and vegetables in your life means more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants, which are essential to boost your immune system and cleanse your inner organs. Likewise, it will clear your skin, improve digestion and, support weight loss while keeping you energized.

Detox Smoothies often referred to as Green Smoothies, are a combination of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Detox is short for detoxifications, which essentially means cleansing. In this process, the body flushes away toxins, pollutants, and other harmful chemicals. In short, detox smoothies are intended to help you achieve and maintain vibrant health. 


Detox Smoothies and Benefits 

More veggies, please

Did you know that most dietitians recommend roughly two cups of green leafy vegetables at least once a day? Meeting your daily dose of greens can be difficult. I mean, who can sit down and enjoy two cups of raw kale? Well, that’s about to change. Detox smoothies make eating 2 cups of raw kale or any other green leafy vegetables easy and delicious.

Be cautious with fruits when preparing your Detox Smoothies. The sweet taste of fruits is what bumps up the flavor of the smoothie and makes it pleasant. However, making fruits-only smoothies is not advised since too much sugar is involved. Even if it’s fructose (fruit sugar) which is considered somewhat healthier, it still represents too much of a sugar portion per serving. 


Strike for balance

One thing to keep in mind is that all smoothies are not created equal. Some smoothies are so loaded with fat and sugar that they are similar to a milkshake in terms of nutrition. Other smoothies are so poorly combined that you’ll most likely experience bloating or indigestion. For you to properly absorb all the miraculous benefits smoothies have to offer, you should strike for balance. A well-rounded smoothie should focus on getting the right balance between fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. A rule of thumb is 1 to 2 tablespoons of superfoods, 1 cup of fruit, a handful or two of greens and, 1 cup of water or your favorite plant-based milk. You can adjust the quantities as needed. To make it easier for you to build the perfect smoothie, you can follow this guideline:

Detox Smoothie Guidelines


Detox smoothies are a delicious and straightforward way of accessing all the healing properties of green vegetables. This miraculous drink is available to every person in every country – all you need is a blender and a fresh food market. We want to make it easy for you, and so we gathered fantastic recipes that are quick and easy to make.

Detox Smoothie

  •     1 frozen banana 
  •     1 cup pineapple chunks, frozen 
  •     Handful of spinach 
  •     1 tbs chia seeds, flax seeds or pumpkin seeds (or superfood of your choice) 
  •     ½ cup of preferred plant-based milk 
  •     ½ cup of water


Mango Berry – Detox Smoothie

  •     1 frozen banana 
  •     1 handful of kale
  •     1 handful of spinach
  •     1 handful of frozen mango
  •     1 handful of frozen strawberries
  •     1 tbs chia seeds, flax seeds or pumpkin seeds (or superfood of your choice) 
  •     ½ cup of preferred plant-based milk 
  •     ½ cup of water

Maca Smoothie by Green Common

  •     1 frozen banana 
  •     1 tsp Maca Powder
  •     1 tbsp Cacao Powder
  •     1 Tbsp Chia seed
  •     1 pc vanilla seed 
  •     Goji berries 
  •     Optional: add ¼ avocado for extra detox 

You can expect to lose some weight, increase your energy levels, and improve your skin tone – It is time to nourish your body. Detox smoothies are filling, healthy, and you will enjoy drinking them. For one thing, it is essential to keep in mind that, to detox means to cleanse and for it to be effective, you should start from the inside out. Try to incorporate more healthy habits in your life as you begin to transform your life with Detox Smoothies. For instance, remove all processed foods from your daily diet, try some meditation or yoga and, ideally a daily exercise routine. Now, it’s time to get slim, healthy, and vibrant! 


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