Your Guide to a Perfect Bachelorette Party in Hong Kong

Your Guide to a Perfect Bachelorette Party in Hong Kong

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The most awaited moment is just around the corner, one of the closest people to your heart is having her big day coming soon and you couldn’t be any happier. A bride’s most wanted wish is to have the perfect wedding; starting from a memorable bachelorette party to a very romantic honeymoon passing by a fairytale wedding. She trusted you with planning her bachelorette party and you don’t know where to start? No worries! We gathered for you a great selection of plans and ideas along with recommendations of where you can make them happen in Hong Kong.

1- Scent Workshop:

A scent workshop is an original idea that you can plan as part of the Hen do. The tasting bar of Jo Malone London in Hong Kong offers you this possibility by simply booking an appointment then enjoying a tailored scented experience.

2- Cooking Classes: 

No matter how good you are at cooking, there is always something new and different that you can try. Cooking classes are an original bachelorette party idea that everyone will certainly enjoy. Along with beverages and fun dishes tasting from time to time, we can only guarantee an enjoyable Hen do. Expat Living suggests a list of the best 20 cookery classes in Hong Kong, you will not be disappointed!

3- SPA Party:

A bachelorette party and a marriage, in general, should be fun and enjoyable. Stressing over every detail will not do any good neither to you nor to the bride herself. For that, we advise you to spend some time at the SPA alongside the girls and just relax. You must all need it! For that matter, look no further, Lookdiary promises the best SPA Parties with a selection of the best ones in town.  Get in touch with us here so we can direct you to the most suitable option.

4- Flowers Arrangement Classes:

If the bride is passionate about flowers or gardening in general, she will definitely enjoy flower arrangement classes. Little Steps suggests to all the flowers’ lovers: The Hues Floral. Little Steps recommends it thanks to all its benefits and advantages. Click here to know more.

5- Dance Classes:

What is a better plan to do for a bachelorette party than to take some dance classes with your girls? We can only come up with at least a million reason why dance classes are a good idea. You can even consider a surprise choreography with your girls during your close girl’s big day. How original is that? To make this happen, we suggest that you take a look at Localiiz’s recommendations of the best dance classes in Hong Kong.

6- Camping or Glamping:

For a Hen do, you can also go camping or glamping. If you and your girls love outdoor activities, booking a unique outdoor accommodation is all you need to spend an exceptional bachelorette party. Timeout’s top sites are definitely worth taking a look at.

7- Pool Party: 

Organizing a pool party is one of the simplest yet one of the most fun ideas that you can opt for to spend a great Hen party. Venue Hub recommends many options of private pools that you can easily book and decorate accordingly for the event.

8- Limo Booking 

How about booking a stretch Limo or organizing a bus party that none of you will ever forget? It will be a sweet escape from normal, and definitely a great way to spend time between girls. BlackLane is a Hong Kong limousine service booking that not only guarantees a high-quality service but also promises to exceed all perfect bachelorette party plans’ expectations.

9- Hike Plans:

A bride’s love for hikes and adventure mixed with Hong Kong’s dreamy landscapes is one of the perfect combinations you can come up with for a bachelorette party. Dragon’s Back, Tail Long Wan or even the Lion Rock are very interesting hike destinations. If you want to learn more, check out Sassy Hong Kong’s article for more breathtaking destinations.

10- Movie Night: 

If the bride loves movies, then a movie night sounds like a thrilling plan you can opt for to make her enjoy her bachelorette party. Nothing can go wrong with this idea! Time Out made it easier for you by gathering the top 10 cinemas in Hong Kong that you can consider as part of the Hen do.

Last but not least, you can also have a look at the exciting events to come in Hong Kong here in order to find an ideal match for the lucky bachelorette!


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