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Vegetarian cooking classes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a metropolitan city where life is swift and hectic. In addition to Skyscrapers and its famous Star Ferry. Hong Kong has an amazing diversity in its cuisine. Still, the desire for a home-cooked meal never fades away. This desire tempts Hongkongers to learn cooking. A busy life may be a hindrance to learning new skills. But the desire overshadows it. Most of us pretend to be master chefs at home. Still, some of us need assistance around the kitchen. If you are a vegetarian and looking for cooking classes. You are at the right place. We have put together a list of the best vegetarian cooking classes in Hong Kong. So, tie your apron, and let’s get started.

ABC Cooking Studio

Vegetarian Cooking Class Hong Kong - ABC Cooking Studio








Good news, Hong Kong citizens! If you wish to learn cooking in a fun way, then no worries. The ABC Cooking studio might be a perfect choice for you. The institute focuses on teaching vegetarian cooking casually and healthily. Their fondness for health and wellbeing is visible through their vision statement. “Food is the most important thing to one’s healthy life, so it should be communicated to everyone.” There, you get an opportunity of taking vegetarian cooking classes in small groups. The group comprises of 4 students and one teacher. Thus, it allows maximum learning outcomes since every individual enjoys the attention of the teacher. You can learn baking bread, cake, and wagashi. Moreover, you can also avail the of vegetarian cooking classes. Additionally, there is a course on cooking for kids as well.
Specialty: ABC Cooking Studio has an addictive Southern Asia Cuisine perfect for Spring with Gapao Rice & Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls as their specialty.  A perfect cuisine to make your spring perfect.

Hong Kong Culinary Academy

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Another vegetarian cooking institute is the Hong Kong Culinary Academy. Here you can learn cooking to become a professional chef with a degree or a diploma. The institute offers daytime, nighttime, short and long courses. The Advance Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management is a 2/3-year program. You can learn kitchen and knife skills, gastronomy, and baking. The two-year Bachelor of Arts in Professional Culinary Art is an excellent opportunity to earn a degree. The program teaches kitchen communication, hospitable marketing, food cost, and culture and gastronomy. Not only this. There are numerous short courses that teach making European deserts and drinks also.
Specialty: Bruschetta Pomodoro e Ricotta, a classic Italian dish is their specialty. Italian tomato bruschetta made with ripe, juicy tomatoes, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil. Served on char grilled, garlic toasts. It has Crunchy Bread with Tomatoes and Ricotta. A veggie Juicy Ride to take.

The Mixing Bowl

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Do you love baking? Then The mixing Bowl might be an option worth considering for you. An excellent opportunity for adults and children to learn cooking. It is a good learning-to-bake opportunity for the Vegans out there. As a Vegetarian, VEGAN ISRAELI EVENING might sound pretty interesting! Moreover, you are saved from the trouble of bringing your own equipment to the classes. The institute provides them. What’s more to this institute is that they are manufacturers of KitchenAid appliances. You can enjoy experiencing their appliances in the classes. They provide you with a variety of courses and a highly interactive learning environment, Making them the hot ones on the list.
Specialty: This institute has a special vegan class rather than a special dish. In Vegan Israeli Evening. You will learn recipes for Hummus Three Ways (Beet, Bell Pepper, Herbs), Israeli Salad, Pomegranate Quinos Tabbouleh, Shawarma Cauliflower Steak, Mujaddara. It’s a real treat for a vegetarian to learn and enjoy.

Star Chef Management School

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Star Chef Management is famous for its traditional Chinese cuisine. So, they offer their teaching expertise in this area. In addition to that, they have a diverse collection of courses to offer. To name some of them. They include Cake and Bread Course, Thai Course, Dim Sum Certificate Course, Star + Horse + Thai Cooking Class, and a Basic Cooking Class for beginners. The other great thing about star chef management is that they provide subsidized learning. Furthermore, they provide free courses. This program is sponsored by the Employees Retraining Board. This is aimed to facilitate those who are unemployed or seeking a culinary career to obtain a certificate.
Specialty: Their specialty includes Dumplings and Potstickers. Kimchi Dumplings, Fresh Meat Dumplings, Leek Dumplings, Celery Dumplings, Steamed Dumplings with Vegetable Seedlings. A perfect blend of meat and vegetable to enjoy.

Bite Unite

Vegetarian Cooking Class - Bite Unite







Bite Unite is a unique institute with culturally diverse options of cuisines. Starting from Chinese to Thai and Indian. Their diversity does not end here. Concerning teaching methodology, they offer in-person classes as well as online classes. They provide introductory classes to Thai and Indian cuisines. Talking about options, they also have a summer camp for kids. They teach the newbies the basic ethics of the kitchen in that. Furthermore, kids learn some easy-to-cook foods. At Bite Unite, there is a wide variety of vegetable foods to learn about. They have allocated separate sessions for this genre. Some of them include summer Thai cooking classes and Easy Vegetarian Indian cooking.
Specialty: Their specialty is a dish named farmer’s brunch. It includes scrambled egg, sausage, tomato, House-made potato with side salad and avocado—a full-fledged vegetarian dish satisfying all the needs of proteins.

Above are some really healthy and interactive choices for vegans who want to cook. These institutes are the best operating in Hong Kong. You can learn some really healthy and delicious cuisines. Their teaching methods are interactive, motivating, feasible, and productive. Additionally, most of these institutes offer hands-on learning. Therefore, you can quickly learn by doing things. Moreover, these learning opportunities are not just for adults. But kids can also enjoy the opportunity of learning to cook. Various types of courses are available based on dishes, age groups, and durations. So give them a chance. Also, have a look at our Cantonese recipes and Dim Sum cooking classes recos if you want to expand your experience span in the cooking area.

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